Top 5 Tips to Survive in Death Must Die

If Death Must Die, then You Musn't Die... I'll block myself, thank you.
Top 5 Tips for Death Must Die
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Death Must Die is the latest hit of the indie roguelite scene. If you’re just starting your journey or need some advice, here are our Death Must Die tips.

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Our Top 5 Death Must Die Tips

There are many things I want to say and point out as tips for new players in Death Must Die, but… This article would then resemble a small wiki. Still, I narrowed it down to the five most important tips that will help you get into the game, and the rest will come naturally.

1. Use Auto-Attack in Moderation

The first thing you’ll probably see is the “auto-attack” option, which you can toggle on/off by pressing Q on your keyboard.

  • Pros: You do not need to think about aiming. The character aims and attacks the closest enemy automatically.
  • Cons: If enemies are in sight (even slightly off-screen), your character will keep attacking and reduce your movement speed.

I originally started playing by aiming and attacking all by myself. But, with time, I realized it’s best to use the Auto-Attack option in moderation, for example, when you want to focus on a mini-boss and not let your attacks stray elsewhere.

2. Do Not Be Afraid to Go Deep Into the Wild

The terrain you’re playing on is procedurally generated at random. If you stay in your starting area, you miss out on many cool things. There are shrines to tap, graves to grave rob, mystic houses and other places of interest, and wells you can drink water from to heal yourself. I won’t spoil a lot, but keep in mind that on your radar, you should always look for dots and collect whatever is under them. It is more beneficial than the XP gems you will miss by not returning them.

3. Offense is Not Always the Best Defense

If you’re an experienced roguelite player like me, you will probably think that if you blast your weapons hard enough, nobody will be able to touch you. Well, that’s where you’re wrong. You can’t put every “point” into offense (okay, you can, I’m not gonna stop you) because inevitably, you will be overwhelmed and destroyed.

Side Note:

Do not be afraid to die in this game. It’s not meant to be a “speedrun from the first attempt” type of game.

Instead, try to balance it out. You will be offered to boost your movement, dashes, armor, evasion, health regeneration, and max HP. For some bosses, you will need maneuverability, for example, or else you’ll just get sliced into half with their dash into you because you might not be able to dodge it persistently with default cooldowns and stats.

4. Take Time to Analyze and Plan Your Gear Loadout

As you play, you will be able to loot and buy various gear pieces. There are different qualities (rarities) of the gear in the game, but do not rush with buying and selling. There are many characters you will be able to play, and just because one cannot use a piece of gear doesn’t mean that the other wouldn’t be able to. Especially wait until you unlock all of the characters before selling more expensive pieces you stumble upon. Speaking of all characters you can unlock in Death Must Die, let’s go to the next section.

In particular, your weapons are essential. With any new weapon you pick up, make sure the Base Attack Time number is as low as possible.

5. Play With All of the Characters

As soon as you get a new character, play a couple of runs with them. They all need development and, of course, perk and achievement unlocking. I have my personal favorites, but I do my fair share of building up each and every one of them.

Certain characters prefer specific stats:

  1. Avoron (Knight)
    • Adept Offer Chance, influenced by “Sign of the Disciple.”
  2. Kront (Barbarian)
    • Armor, dictated by “Sign of the Meteor.”
  3. Merris (Sorceress)
    • +1 Dash Boots, tied to “Sign of Timespace.”
    • + Projectiles.

I hope these tips will help you, and if you are a completionist, make sure to see the list of all Death Must Die achievements, there are many to conquer!

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