All Unlockable Characters in Death Must Die, Listed

Get to know your characters before you start playing Death Must Die.

If you are deciding to start playing Death Must Die and are wondering what characters are available, look no further than this guide. Below is a list of all the playable characters in Death Must Die.

What Characters Are Available in Death Must Die

Screenshot of Krom God in Death Must Die.
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There are seven characters in Death Must Die that you can play with. You will start with one character and unlock others as you progress further. Below is the list of all the playable characters in Death Must Die:

Avoron – The Knight

The first playable character you will start the game with is Avaron, the knight. He is a melee weapon character equipped with a sword and heavy armor.

Merris – The Sorceress

Merris is the second character you will unlock after the Knight. She is equipped with Light armor and performs mage attacks.

Nixi – The Assassin

Nizi is also a melee character that equips Light armor, but he is a more agile character with mobility as his primary stat.

Kront – The Barbarian

Kront is a Barbarian whose attacks deal AoE damage to the enemies around him. He is also tanky as compared to other characters because of the Heavy armor that he wears.

Skadi – The Warrior

Skadi is a warrior with stats resembling all the other characters. He equips Medium Armor and has a large melee attack, the same as Avoron.


Reaper is a melee character with Scythes as a melee weapon and the same mobility as Nixi. He specializes in close-quarter combat with his ability to move around enemies quickly.


Valkyrie is the last playable character in the game that you can unlock, a combination of Merris and a tanky character. She can cast spells and use her shield for defense.

These are all the seven characters listed for Death Must Die. If you are wondering how to unlock all of them, take a look at our guide on Death Must Die: How to Unlock Characters.

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