Top 5 Best CS2 Cases for Knives

Looking for the best cases in CS2 for pulling rare knives? We have got you covered.

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Trying to acquire as many rare knives as possible? Or is there a specific knife that you are on the search for? With cases being such a prominent aspect of Counter-Strike 2, many gamers are flocking to open as many as possible in hopes they can grab themselves a rare knife. So, which cases are the best for getting knives?

The Best Cases in CS2 for Getting Knives

Opening cases can become quite fun when playing CS2, especially with the value some of the items you can find are worth. To get cases, all you have to do is play CS2 or buy them in the shop.

Here are the top five best cases in CS2 to get when looking for knives.

5. CS:GO Weapon Case 2

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The CS:GO Weapon Case 2 is an easy pick for our list of the best CS2 cases for knives. This is mainly because the case offers quite a wide variety of knives that you could acquire. Quite a few of these knives are rare too, including the Bayonet Fade and the Karambit Stained.

The case also offers various less rare knives, making it a perfect pick for someone trying hard to get any type of knife.

4. Spectrum 2 Case

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The Spectrum 2 case offers a wide variety of knives that you can obtain, including some incredibly rare ones. Players opening this case could potentially pull a Butterfly Knife Marble Fade which has sold in the past for around $4,000 USD. While this knife is incredibly rare to pull, it is still a great gamble for those trying to find rare knives.

3. Operation Bravo Case

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The Operation Bravo Case not only has a wide variety of knives that you can pull, but quite a few of them are worth a decent amount of money. The case also has the Karambit Crimson Web, which is worth upwards of $80,000 USD. The knife commonly sells for around $10,000 USD now, which is still a great pull.

2. Danger Zone Case

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The Danger Zone Case takes number two on our list, simply because of how many knives you can pull from it. The case has almost 40 different knives that can be pulled from it, all of them worth a decent amount. There may be no knives in it worth as much as the Karambit Crimson Web, but it is still a great case when wanting the best chances of pulling a knife.

1. Operation Vanguard Weapon Case

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The Operation Vanguard Weapon Case is an easy pick for number one on our list of the best five cases to open in CS2 when looking for knives. Not only does this case have the Karambit Fade but it also has the Karambit Crimson Web, Bayonet Fade and more. The case has a plethora of rare knives you can obtain, making it number one on our list.

With many more cases that could have made our list, CS2 has a large variety for players to open. Head to the game now, and see what knives or other rare items you can get!

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