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Top 10 Super Mario Cheats and Tips

by Prima Games Staff

There’s no question the Super Mario games have been quite rewarding over the years, from the original Super Mario Bros. on the NES through last year’s extravagant Super Mario 3D World for Wii U. However, we know the games were often tough, so you needed every advantage you could get. That’s why we put together the 10 best Mario cheats of all time.

10.) Escaping With Your Life (Super Mario World)


One neat quirk about this 16-bit SNES classic is that you can escape a level with your life if you always end up falling into a pit. Before you fall completely off the screen, press Select and Start on your controller and you’ll go back to the Stage Select screen. NOTE: in order to do this, you’ll need to have completed the level you’re on at least once.

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9.) The Super Guide (New Super Mario Bros. Wii)

Can’t get through a level in this Wii multiplayer romp? Here’s a neat trick – if you die more than eight times in a stage, you’ll have the option to let the computer play for you with the help of the Super Guide. This only works up to World 8. In World 9, you’re on your own.

8.) Homing Ground Pound (Super Mario Galaxy)

One neat little trick we found is that Mario can deliver a homing Ground Pound on enemies in this Wii adventure. Here’s how it works. Jump in the air and perform a mid-air spin with Mario by shaking the Wii controller. While doing this, immediately press the Z button. He’ll launch into a Ground Pound that will home in on the nearest enemy.

7.) Never Run Out of 1ups in the Final Battle (Super Mario 64)


Let’s say you get to the final battle with Bowser in the game, but you’re afraid of losing all your lives against him. Don’t worry. On the final stage, take a walk behind the top left pillar and you’ll locate a 1up every time.

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6.) Slide Shortcut (Super Mario 64)

Want to take a shortcut on either of the slides in the game? It’s easy! With the hidden princess slide, simply jump to the left as soon as you exit the tunnel, and you’ll end up landing on a later part of the course, finishing the run in no time. On the ice sliding level – where you’ll race against the penguin – pass the first two turns and then cut straight through the third one, leaning slightly to the left. You’ll land below and beat that penguin at his own game.

5.) The Dual Warp Whistles (Super Mario Bros. 3)

Here’s how to reach the final stage of Super Mario Bros. 3 without worrying about the rest of the game. Collect both of the warp whistles in the first world. The first one is in World 1-3 (scrunching down on the white block for five seconds, disappearing into the background and running to the right to get to the treasure room), and the second is in the World 1 fortress (collect the leaf and fly once you see an opening in the ceiling, then run to the right to get the second whistle). Once you have them both, activate the first one in the world select stage, and you’ll get to the level warp room. Play the second one while you’re here, and you’ll automatically whisk to the level 8 pipe.

4.) The Original Warp Room (Super Mario Bros.)


This one is quite obvious for Super Mario Bros. fans, but we thought we’d include it anyway because, well, it’s a classic. Reach higher ground close to the end of World 1-2 and walk over the exit pipe. You’ll go past it and get to a secret warp room that will send you to world 2, 3 or 4, depending what you’re in the mood for.

3.) The Turtle Shell Trick for More Lives (Super Mario Bros.)

If you were savvy enough, you could gain quite a few 1ups while finishing things up in World 3-1. Once you get powered up as Super Mario, head to the stairs leading to the exit. You’ll see two Koopas coming down. Avoid the first one and jump on the second’s shell, then bounce it against the stairs. If you time your jump right, you’ll be able to hit it against the block consecutive times, earning multiple 1ups in the process. This is almost the best 1up trick in the Mario universe – almost.

2.) Collecting Infinite Lives (Super Mario 3D World)

Some of the stages in this Wii U adventure can be tough, so it never hurts to have a whole bunch of lives. Head to World 1-2, defeat a Koopa Troopa and collect its shell. Come to the part of the stage where you see three purple blocks in the foreground. Put Mario with his back to one of these blocks and throw the Turtle shell at the opposite wall. Jump at just the right time and Mario will hit the shell over and over, and infinite 1ups will soon be yours.

1.) Entering Minus World (Super Mario Bros.)

We’re not sure if the development team wanted us to find the Minus World in Super Mario Bros., but this’ll let you to do it anyway. To get there, go to the end of World 1-2 and break the block left to the most far-east block. Just don’t break the one that’s to the far-east. Duck and jump up, and Mario should slide over to the southwest portion of the block. This’ll let you slip right through, and reveal a pipe leading to world -1. Enjoy!

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