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Top 10 Beginner Tips for Tears of the Kingdom

Everything you'll need to save Hyrule.

by Jesse Vitelli

There’s a lot of stuff in Tears of the Kingdom, from hidden shrines, to secret collectibles. Don’t travel too far before checking out our top 10 best tips and tricks for beginners in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of The Kingdom. If you’re new to the series, or it’s been a long time since you’ve played Breath of The Wild, here’s a quick crash course in things you will want to know.

Top 10 Beginner Tips for Tears of the Kingdom That The Game Doesn’t Tell You

So, you’ve awoken in the Sky Islands with a newly fused arm and some unique powers to grab. Let’s talk about everything you’ll want to know right off the bat.

1. Fuse Everything

Seriously, fuse items to your weapons, fuse trees to boats to minecarts to hooks. Tears of The Kingdom promotes experimentation, and the more you experiment, you’ll learn a secret trick or two that can help you tremendously. Explore, experiment, create, and die, probably. It’s all part of the learning experience.

We fused a minecart to a shield and created the ultimate skateboard for Link to shred through Hyrule field with.

2. Break Boxes with Ultrahand

Don’t waste your weapons breaking boxes; you can use the Ultrahand ability to pick them up and drop them from a greater height. This will break the boxes and save your weapon’s durability when you truly need it.

3. Pro Hud Mode Will Disable Tutorials

If you’re playing on Pro Mode in the options, the game will not show you how to use your powers with on-screen indicators. Turn this on if you want an immersive experience or if you have it turned on, maybe turn it off for the tutorial section.

4. Make Use of Flurry Rush

If you’re unfamiliar with the concept. When holding ZL and doing a backflip (Hold back and jump) you can initiate a slow mode feature called flurry rush. Just time the jump right before the enemy attack lands. You’ll be able to get in a bunch of free hits, and will help you a ton during battles.

5. Collect Zonaite

If you see this glowing rock in caverns on the sky islands and underground, go out of your way to collect it. It can be traded in for Zonai Charges, and Crystallized Charges, which will increase how long your Zonai mechanisms, such as fans and wheels can last before giving out.

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6. Get the Archaic Warm Greaves

The Archaic Warm Greaves will be a lifesaver early on, literally. You can find them on the Sky Islands near the Shrine that holds the Ascend ability on the right side of the map. Once you obtain the Ascend ability, ascend to the cliff to the left of the shrines exit when facing outward. In a small cave tucked away, you’ll find a chest with the Archaic Warm Greaves in it. This will help you from freezing to death in this area, so you don’t have to rely on cold-resistant food.

7. Do Side Quests

Talking to NPCs can give you side quests with excellent rewards. You’ll know if an NPC has a quest for you if the speech bubble about their texts has a small red exclamation point. Be sure to do any that come your way. It will often unlock secrets, provide useful resources, or give you some extra special story beats.

8. Cook Your Heart Out

Seriously, cooking in Tears of The Kingdom is incredibly important. Making meals to give you temporary health points, cold resistance, or other defensive and offensive buffs can make the early game so much easier. Just be on the lookout for any source of fire with a pot above it. You can throw ingredients in and cook some food.

Don’t mix monster parts with food because it will create Dubious Food, which is a failed attempt and will give you no real benefit.

Mix monster parts with other monster parts to create potions and elixirs, and food with other food for recipes.

9. Be on the Lookout For the Crop Circle Looking Things (Geoglyphs)

If you see Crop Circle looking giant glyphs on the ground, go check them out. They offer cutscenes similar to the memories in Breath of The Wild. You need to find a small puddle of water somewhere within the borders of the Geoglyph, and you’ll receive a new cutscene that fleshes out more of the story of Tears of The Kingdom.

10. Go to the Skyview Towers

The giant Towers with spotlights coming off them are how you will unlock parts of the map you haven’t seen the topography for. They also offer a quick way to shoot high into the sky if you’re trying to get somewhere fast. Unlock as many of these as you can so you get a lay of the land, and more named locations.

Those are the top 10 best beginner’s tips for The Legend of Zelda: Tears of The Kingdom; trust me, I wish I knew these before making my own mistakes, but it’s part of the charm. Hopefully, now that you’re armed with a new right hand, and these tips, you’ll fix Hyrule yet again. Here’s how to get fire arrows in Tears of The Kingdom.

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