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Titanfall 2: Northstar Titan Tips

by Prima Games Staff

Northstar is the sniper Titan of Titanfall 2 and operates as you would expect a sniper to operate. Northstar comes with the Plasma Railgun, the longest range Titan weapon that can be charged for more power. The Railgun is also very effective at taking out sniping pilots on rooftops.

Titan Kit

Due to Northstar’s weak shield and limited use up close, we recommend running Turbo Engine for one extra dash. With the extra dash in your pocket, you will be able to keep your distance from pesky Ronins and Scorches. You might be able to get some use out of Nuclear Ejection in Amped Hardpoint, bit it really is the antithesis of what Northstar is all about as you should not be close to enemy Titans in the first place.

Overcore is another Kit option for certain game modes, particularly Last Titan Standing. Overcore provides a 20% boost to your Core ability, though it only works when you first call in your Titan, making it less useful than Turbo Engine.

Northstar Abilities

  • Flight Core: Fly while launching rockets below (Pharah from Overwatch).

  • Cluster Missile: Fire rockets that explode multiple times.

  • Tether Trap: Temporarily stop and slow Titans.

  • VTOL Hover: Launch directly into the air.

Northstar is a highly mobile Titan that can do some interesting sniper-related things on the battlefields of Titanfall 2. VTOL Hover will allow you to float straight up into the air, creating unique and hard to predict sniping angles, while Tether Trap will keep your targets stationary long enough to charge up your Plasma Railgun. Tether Trap can also be used defensively by dropping it on a Titan who is trying to close you down, thus giving you enough time to dash away.

Cluster Missile is great for when you need to do damage in a hurry, though be careful when fighting an Ion because her Vortex Shield is a perfect counter. Northstar is extremely limited up close, but Cluster Missiles will be your best chance of competing

Northstar Kit

  • Piercing Shot: Plasma Railgun rounds fire through targets.

  • Enhanced Payload: Cluster Missile’s secondary explosions hit a larger range and last longer.

  • Twin Traps: Tether Trap fires two traps.

  • Viper Thrusters: Move faster during Flight Core.

Piercing Shot is a solid choice that will not change your play style and can be used on any map, though its effectiveness is limited if enemy Titans are not grouped up. Viper Thrusters are great for canceling out Northstar’s weakness of vulnerability in the air, but much like the other Titans with Kits that boosts your Core, you won’t be able to use it enough to justify the slot. The other three choices will help your gameplay every single second you are in your Titan, not only during your Core. However, the Core abilities are powerful, so you can take Viper Thrusters as a luxury pick if you feel confident without any help the rest of the time.

Enhanced Payload should be the choice here as it significantly improves Northstar’s greatest weakness—mid and close range Titan battles. You still won’t be able to compete with Scorch or Tone for long periods of time, but your DPS will be increased.

Use your Enhanced Payload for anyone who gets too close, then drop a Tether Trap and retreat to your ideal long range distance to finish them off with the Plasma Railgun. Twin Traps is useful for more methodical players and can be great if you like the Tether Trap, but we still suggest going with Enhanced Payload. For other suggestions on the rest of Titanfall 2, hop over to our Titanfall 2 Walkthrough and Guide hub!

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