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Titanfall 2: Ion Titan Tips

by Prima Games Staff

Ion’s main weapon is the Splitter Rifle, a lower damage weapon that can be fired in two different modes. You can fire the Splitter Rifle in a normal single-shot mode, or a horizontal burst mode that is great for combating quicker moving pilots.

Much like Ion, the Splitter Rifle is solid at doing anything in the game, but great at nothing.This makes Ion the perfect Titan for learning the ropes in Titanfall 2. Ion’s Splitter Rifle will also recharge her energy bar is single-shot mode, allowing her to use abilities more often.

Damage 1/3

Health 2/3

Mobility 2/3

Titan Kit

Since Ion can be played in a variety of styles, all of the Titan Kit options have a home with her. Turbo Engine will take your boosts up to two, which is perfect for those aggressive types who want to get into fights quicker. The extra boost is also great for escaping area attacks like Ronin’s Arc Wave.

Stealth Auto-Eject is a good all-around Kit option, so it makes sense to pair it with Ion! Sure, there are better options out there for specific situations (much like there are better Titans for specific situations), but Ion with Auto-Eject can be used on any map without being at a disadvantage.

Ion Abilities

Laser Core: A high damage chest mounted cannon.

Laser Shot: Shoulder mounted laser beam.

Vortex Shield: Blocks and redirects enemy fire.

Tripwire: Placeable explosive mine trap.

Ion is a multifaceted Titan, which is evident in its abilities. The Laser Shot can one-hit Pilots, though it is tough to land on a moving target. Instead, we like using the Laser Shot as a backup once we run out of primary ammo. The Laser Core may be one of the weaker Core abilities in the game, though it is still better than nothing. Enemies can evade Laser Core fairly easily, but you can still mow down a slower Titan caught in a bad spot, or funnel them towards more dangerous teammates by temporarily locking down a lane

Keep in mind, Ion actually has two different cooldowns you need to keep an eye on; the energy bar to the left of her aiming cursor as well as the standard ability cooldowns. Using an ability will drain from both of these. Ion’s abilities seem to recharge faster than her counterparts, hence the second energy bar.

Ion Kit

Entangled Energy: Hits with Splitter Rifle restore energy

Zero-Point Tripwire: Removes tripwire deployment energy.

Vortex Amplifier: Adds 20% damage to reflected ammunition form Vortex Shield.

Grand Cannon: Increases Laser Core duration.

The Ion Titan Kit is where you can really lock in your play style for this Titan. Entangled Energy is perfect for aggressive players as dealing damage with your Splitter Rifle will allow you to use your abilities more often, while offensive players who are looking to get more out their Core ability will love Grand Cannon.

Defensive players will fall in love with Vortex Amplifier, causing enemies to really think twice about firing in your direction. Zero-Point Tripwire will have a home with the passive players among us, allowing you to fill the map with Tripwires while still being able to use your Laser Shot and Vortex shield.

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