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Tips for Playing Ghostbusters

by Prima Games Staff

The Ghostbusters are back in an all new video game, featuring a fresh set of characters and all new ghoulish terrors to take down. We have some tips that will make you a ghost busting machine!

Using Your Weapons in Ghostbusters

First up, you’ll want to know about your main weapons. The one you’ll probably turn to pretty often is your default firearm, which is different across all four characters, including twin pistols, an assault rifle, a chaingun and a spectral shotgun.

The other two weapons are Ghostbusters staples – a proton cannon that only works against larger enemies and objects, and a trap that lets you capture these boss-type characters with ease.

Your general weapon does a good enough job clearing out the smaller threats you’ll come across, and can also destroy terrain to help you build up your score. Don’t hesitate to trash stuff in the environment – you’ll be able to boost your points overall, which in turn can be used to buy upgrades in Ghostbusters. Just don’t forget to keep it reloaded by hitting the right shoulder button (R1).

Using Your Proton Cannon and Trap in Ghostbusters

For taking on boss enemies, you’ll want to use your main weapon. It does a good job knocking down their energy. However, watch out for their attacks – you’ll want to roll out of the way if they start charging you, or you’ll risk taking slimy damage.

Once their energy bar is depleted enough, it’s time to put your proton cannon to good use. Capture them with your beam initially, then prepare for a tug of war as they try to get away. Hold the right analog stick in the opposite direction that they’re heading to keep these enemies within reach – your friends will be able to help you out with this without crossing the streams.

When prompted in Ghostbusters, use the “slam” technique (or the left shoulder button) to keep them at bay before they try running off again. Repeat the process, imprisoning them with your beam and slamming them down.

Once that’s done, you’ll be able to throw down the trap. Do so by hitting the triangle or Y button (depending on your version of the game) and the capture game will begin. You can just let the trap do its work, or you can tap the button to increase the multiplier on the score on their capture. If you’re good enough, you can get up to 10X the bonus as a result.

While it’s a shame you can’t use the regular Ghostbusters tools more often in the game, the main weapons do provide plenty of firepower, so don’t hesitate to let loose – you won’t run out of bullets.

Health and Scoring Bonus Points in Ghostbusters

You’ll notice that each of the characters in Ghostbusters – whether you’re fighting on your own alongside AI buddies, or with friends in an online match – have their own health meter. It depletes when you take hits, but if you’re down for the count, an ally can easily revive you and fill you back up. Take caution, though – if all players go down for the count, it’s game over.

One thing to keep an eye out for is health kits. These are blue, glowing medikits that you can pick up over the course of the game, and once you pick it up, it automatically revives full health for you and your teammates – no reason to item hog here. Try to save these for when your players are running a bit low, but don’t be afraid to pick one up if you need to revive just one player.

Another thing to watch out for are hidden spectral gateways that provide additional points for your character. To find these, you’ll need to use your EKG scanner, which you can pull out at any time with a press of the D-pad. By activating this, you’ll be able to open up portals in Ghostbusters that reward the bonus points, or provide footprints that will guide you to one of the secrets in the game, like hidden ghosts to take down for a nice bonus, or Rowan’s hidden ghost generating devices, with four hidden in each level. You can find the main one on the first stage with this helpful guide.

Try to save scanning for when you’re not taking on any ghosts. That way, you can avoid taking hits and simply take the time to look around for anything you may have missed. The more secrets you find, the more goodies you’ll unlock for your chosen Ghostbuster, including outfits and weapon upgrades.

That’s it! Enjoy, and don’t be afraid of no ghost!

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