Tips for Playing Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare – Boost Dodge, Exo Ping

Get more health with Exo Stim, and survive grenades with Exo Trophy.

Advanced Warfare map tips from Sledgehammer Games!

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Go back to the future with Activision’s Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, which sends players into new maps with thrilling dynamic events (the tsmunami on Defender) and cool Exo abilities to give you that all important edge. Boost Dodge to avoid a shotgun-wielding player, or pull off a Boost Slam to crush some skulls.

That said, here are some tips to win multiplayer matches in Advanced Warfare from developer Sledgehammer Games. You’ll find this and more in Newsweek’s CoD official collector’s edition guide.

-Take advantage of camouflage. Match the color of your soldier’s gear to the color of the upcoming map. This will help your virtual self blend in with your surroundings.

-Get off the mini map! The Blast Suppressor perk and the Cloak Exo ability will help you disappear from enemy radar.

-Grenades are all the rage in Advanced Warfare, and there’s a good chance you’ll get caught in the blast. Reduce your chances with the Exo Trophy System. This essentially negates a death from two different grenades on CTF or Hardpoint.

-Exo Stim gives you an extra bit of health for about five seconds. It’s a great way to survive a firefight.

-The only way to play the re-imagined Atlas Gorge map (think Pipeline from Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare) is to buy the Atlas Limited Edition, Atlas Pro Edition or the Atlas Digital Pro Edition. On top of that, you’ll score exclusive weapons.

-Boost to put distance between you and the other players. The faster you move, the tougher you’ll be to hit, especially if you use the jetpack for a quick slide maneuver. On top of that, Boost Dodge lets you avoid an attack and return fire. 

-Meanwhile, Boost Dash allows your character to change direction while in the air.

-Don’t use the same loadout for each multiplayer mode. The loadout you use in Hardpoint may not work as good in Capture the Flag.

-Go small! Avoid standing out in the open (duh), and if there’s no cover nearby, crouch. Seriously though, get to cover!

-Don’t be so quick to respawn after getting popped. The Kill Cam helps you learn from your mistakes, similar to previous Call of Duty games.

-Don’t blindly follow someone into a room. There’s a good chance you’ll walk into an ambush, or step into an area that your opponent is familiar with.

-There’s no honor in Advanced Warfare. Use every bit of equipment and intel to gain the advantage over your opponent. Drones are your friend.

-Get used to the game’s emphasis on verticality. Exo moves let you jump higher than ever before, and you’ll need to grow accustomed to this if you intend to become a high level player.

Exo Ping lets you see enemies and weapons fire on your HUD.

-Deploy the shield! The Exo suit’s protective shield lets you repel gunfire and explosions.

Exo Hover lets you remain in the air. You can also use Boost Slam to get the drop on your enemies, crushing them.

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare is available now for multiple platforms.

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