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Tipping Moxxi in Borderlands 3 – What Happens?

by Nicholas Barth

There are a wide variety of ways players can acquire weapons in Borderlands 3. One avenue is tipping the character of Moxxi who can be found on your ship of Sanctuary. If you are curious about what you can get from tipping Moxxi in Borderlands 3, be sure to check out the worthwhile rewards below. 

Tipping Moxxi in Borderlands 3

Tipping Moxxi Borderlands 3

Players will find that they will have to tip a specific amount of tipping to receive a weapon reward from Moxxi in Borderlands 3. This particular amount if $30,000. However, according to community member xXDJPON3XxXx, you must meet this amount by tipping Moxxi $1,000 a total of 30 times. Accomplishing this task will see Moxxi award Borderlands 3 players with the Deft Hail assault rifle. This particular assault rifle gives players the ability to switch from fully-automatic to three-round bursts. 

Other players have noted that they received the weapon at different tip amounts which means it looks as though it is possible to acquire the Deft Hail by tipping different numbers. However, your best bet is to go for completing the $30,000 amount and hope you get Moxxi to give you the Borderlands 3 assault rifle at a cheaper amount. 

It will take players a decent amount of playtime to gather enough funds to tip the game’s NPC enough to acquire this weapon. With this in mind, players will be best served by saving up and splurging the $30,000 at once to make sure they get the gun when they want it. It would also be beneficial if you tried to get the weapon when you are not quickly leveling because what is worse than getting a new gun you spent a ton of money on to only find a random one that is better shortly afterward. 

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