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Is there Multiplayer in The Outer Worlds? The Answer

by Nicholas Barth

Obsidian has once again blessed video game players with another stellar RPG in The Outer Worlds. Players will not be able to officially jump into The Outer Worlds until Friday, October 25th. However, this has not stopped many individuals from asking one question. Is there multiplayer in The Outer Worlds?

Are you curious about if there is the ability to play multiplayer in The Outer Worlds? If so, be sure to check out the answer to this particular question regarding Obsidian’s newest blockbuster below.

Is there Multiplayer in The Outer Worlds?

Unfortunately for multiplayer fans, there is no way for players to play with each other in The Outer Worlds. The new RPG is only a single-player experience. You do have the ability to play with a variety of NPC companions. 

Is there Multiplayer in The Outer Worlds?

It is not surprising to see that there is no form of player versus player game modes in the RPG, considering that it would not fit in with the experience the game is looking to provide. However, there are sure to be plenty of players who wish that they had the ability to have some fun with friends through cooperative play. What would be better than traveling through space and fighting evil corporations with your best friends?

There is always a possibility that Obsidian could decide to add multiplayer features sometime in the future. However, there will be no multiplayer options for the foreseeable future. This type of RPG is no doubt targeted towards providing a riveting single-player experience for everyone who dives into its world. 

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