The Ultimate Guide to Every Pettable Animal in Pentiment

Leave no animal unpet.

Pentiment is perhaps one of the most beautiful and stylized games of 2022, but one of the game’s stand-out features is its animals. Not all of them can be peted, which is a crime and a shame (let me pet the fat owl, Obsidian). But those that can be petted really appreciate it.

Here’s your list for every animal you can give a very good and very well-deserved pet to in Pentiment. And, hey, there’s even an achievement attached to it! You’ll just need to pet five of them to unlock the A Regular Saint Francis achievement.

All Animals You Can Pet in Pentiment

A tip for this achievement: you don’t need to pet five unique animals. It’s sufficient to pet the same animal but in different acts. So, if you pet Mausfänger in Act 1, 2, and 3, you’ll only need to pet two others animals.


Act 1. You’ll meet Mausfänger (which translates to mouse catcher!) in your very first day at the abbey. Rather than head towards the church, turn left and head towards the Covenant. In the garden, you’ll see this very precious grey cat, who will be very happy to accept your pets.  

Act 2. Return to the covenant garden and Mausfänger will still be there! But now she accepts chin scratches.

Act 3. It’s been at least two decades now, but Mausfänger is still reigning supreme in the garden. But now she has a kitten! Who meows very cutely but, heartbreakingly, is not available for pets.  


Act 1. Go to the abbot’s house beside the large garden in the church and you’ll meet Mirabilis! Mirabilis really suits this shaggy dog, as it’s Latin for wonderful and amazing. Mirabilis will happily sit and shake your hand in exchange for some high-quality pets.

Act 2. Mirabilis is enjoying the sunshine in the large garden beside the abbot’s house.

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Act 1. There is a good dog that keeps just outside of Else and Lenhardt’s house near the mill. He’s a grey greyhound, and his name means dust, which suits his fur. But Staub is also a German nickname for Miller, which really suits the family he belongs to. Pet him, and he’ll sit and offer his paw.

Act 2. You’ll see him again, seven years later but he’s finally been allowed inside Else’s house.


Act 1. Schlau means cunning! And perhaps there’s a story that’s attached to this very precious Calico cat. She likes to spend her time outside of Agnes home, right beside where you’ll see Lucky, the stone mason.

Act 2. Despite all the time that has passed, Schlau is still lucky to Agnes and Lucky, and is still just outside their house.


Act 1. You’ll only have a few days in Act 1 to pet this pup! Starting on the second day, Furstchen will be available to pet in the Guest House beside the abbey. He belongs to Lady Salomea. Unlike the other dogs, he doesn’t offer his hand, but he’s very excited to receive your pets based on how fast his stubby little tail wags.

Cellar Cat

Act 2. Cellar cat doesn’t have a name, but they’re still a good cat. You have the opportunity to feed it while in the cellar in the abbey’s kitchen. Doing so will allow you to pet it.

Act 3. Technically, Cellar Cat is not pettable in Act 3. But Cellar Cat has had many kittens. And that’s worth celebrating.


Act 3. A new dog! Süße is only available to pet in Act 3, just outside of the mill. His name means sweet, which fits his disposition.

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