The Sims 4: Discovery Quests Explained

Learn gameplay mechanics as a new player or get a refresher on key features.

The Sims 4 Discovery Quests explained
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New features in The Sims 4 are always a fun sight, especially when they help us learn more about the game and its features. Here’s a complete breakdown of The Sims 4’s discovery quests system.

What Are Discovery Quests in The Sims 4?

The Sims 4’s discovery quests are themed tutorials you can use to learn how to make money, use your in-game phone, and work toward aspirations. By accepting a discovery quest, the game will walk you through a brief tutorial, rewarding you with money and satisfaction points for completing it.

Currently, there are six discovery quests you can encounter:

  1. Scoring Simoleons
  2. Navigating Needs
  3. Skillful Sims
  4. You and Your Phone
  5. Lifelong Aspirations
  6. Always on the Move

You’ll receive pop-up notifications above your in-game phone for each quest, allowing you to accept immediately, decline, or get a reminder later.

Each discovery quest teaches you different aspects of the game, rewarding you with Simoleons and other perks as rewards. For example, the Scoring Simoleons discovery quest tells you how to make money by walking you through navigating and choosing a career alongside crafting objects to sell. By gaining Simoleons as a reward, you’ll get a small head-start into purchasing new furniture or paying bills.

How to Turn Off Discovery Quests in The Sims 4

If you are an experienced The Sims 4 player or are uninterested in seeing the discovery quests tutorials, head into your Game Options, select Tutorial and Tips, and disable discovery quests. By doing this, you will stop receiving tutorial quests, allowing you to resume the game as if they didn’t exist.

Alternatively, you can reset the quests to experience them again. However, you will not receive additional rewards for doing them, meaning you’ll only review the quest itself.

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