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The Flood Borderlands 3 Guide: How to Get This Legendary Pistol

by Ginny Woo

Borderlands 3 is full of unique and terrifying weapons, some with cornier names than others. However, sometimes Gearbox just gets it right. No gimmicks, no puns, just straight facts when it comes to the thing that you’re going to use to shoot a hole (or many holes) in your enemies. Check out our guide to The Flood Borderlands 3 Legendary pistol and how to pick it up. 

The Flood Borderlands 3 Guide: information and Weapon Effect

Why would we want The Flood? Well, first of all, it’s incredibly aptly named. This might be a bit of an obscure Halo reference, but even so, The Flood is called that because of its ridiculously high fire rate. It also boasts a boosted reload speed of +15% so you can keep hammering away at anything that’s in your path until its a sludgy mess of bullets and your anger.

It also has one of the highest base damage stats per bullet in the game, sitting at well over 1000 per shot. You can empty your entire magazine in one go, so blowing this load is a particularly deadly option that you can surprise enemies with if they get the jump on you. The Flood won’t spawn with any particular element: all of its damage is pure, unadulterated power. 

The Flood Borderlands 3 Guide: Getting This Legendary Pistol

Now that Rare Spawn Week is over, everyone who was looking at alternative or more convenient ways to farm for weapons is heaving a collective sigh. Yes, it’s back to the dark ages. There’s no one monster or foe in particular that drops The Flood in Borderlands 3, which means that it’s one of those drops – something that you can get from any loot source in the world. You could get it from killing Graveward, from Loot Tinks, from just wandering around the various planets, or from rummaging around in the innards of a dead bandit.

There’s no real rhyme or reason to this, though out of all the potential ways that you can find The Flood, we would recommend picking a few tried and true methods and sticking to your guns. The Loot Tinks are a particularly viable source of Legendary loot, so we would start there and also do a couple circuits of Graveward kills (we’ve got a guide for that bad boy to help). Keep at it for long enough and eventually, you’ll pick up The Flood Borderlands 3 Legendary pistol. Need a hand with something else, Vault Hunter? Check out our info on the Show Me The Eridium anniversary event.

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