The Best Rewards from the Diablo 4 Season 1 Battle Pass

Smash or Battle Pass?

Season 1 in Diablo 4 has kicked off with a heap of new changes to classes and game mechanics. The Season of the Malignant not only introduces the new Season Journey progression system but, as you’d expect, a brand new Battle Pass to grind through with plenty of cool rewards. Continue reading to see the best rewards from the Diablo 4 Season 1 Battle Pass below.

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Best Season of the Malignant Battle Pass Rewards

Like most Battle Passes, the rewards within are either obtained for free or by purchasing the Premium upgrade for the Pass. As such, we’ll include a mixture of free and premium rewards in our list below, as well as which tier levels you’ll obtain them.

1) Coldiron Weapons

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The Coldiron Weapons are premium rewards you’ll start receiving as early as Tier 7 in the Battle Pass. There’s a skin for just about every weapon in the game, so I’ll spare you the long list of tiers to unlock them. Just know that you’ll receive one to two within every 10 tiers.

Later in the Pass, you’ll even start unlocking Gilded versions for a little extra pizzazz.

2) Heartglow Brazier

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The Heartglow Brazier is a premium reward that unlocks at Tier 65. Like the majority of the rewards, it serves no functionality, but it definitely makes you look much more menacing while charging toward demons on your steed.

3) Hero Overwhelmed

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You’re gonna die in Diablo 4 and, if that’s the case, you might as well look good doing it. The Hero Overwhelmed cosmetic is a premium reward that unlocks at Tier 73 and decorates your corpse with a bit of ghostly glamour.

4) Platinum Coins

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Platinum Coins are awarded all throughout the premium Battle Pass starting as early as Tier 14. These are essentially premium currencies you can use to buy various microtransactions in the game, such as cosmetic armor sets, mounts, and accessories.

5) Smoldering Ashes

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Smoldering Ashes are arguably the most important rewards you can receive in the Battle Pass and they’re completely free of charge. As you collect Smoldering Ashes and level up your character throughout the season, you’ll be able to use them to unlock Seasonal Blessings to give your characters even more buffs.

6) Awoken Coldiron Chest

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At Tier 80 in the premium Battle Pass, you’ll unlock the Awoken Coldiron Chest, a bangin’ chest piece you can use for all classes. Complete with gilded demon heads, spectral horns, and spooky smoke, you couldn’t possibly look cooler during the season.

7) Awoken Coldiron Helm

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Same as above, the Awoken Coldiron Helm pairs well with the rest of the Coldiron set pieces. The helm is a premium reward unlocked at Tier 89 in the Battle Pass.

8) Awoken Coldiron Barding and Mount

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Finally, the final premium reward is the Awoken Coldiron Barding at Tier 90. You can’t be dripped out in the freshest gear without treating your steed to the same glow-up. Best of all, the Barding even includes a new horse, the Awoken Warded Mustang. This mount stands tall and proud, etched with glowing glyphs and smokin’ hooves.

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That’s all for the best rewards in the Diablo 4 Season 1 Battle Pass. Wondering what to grind to start earning all those rewards? Check out our thoughts on Nightmare Dungeons and their lowered difficulty here. Stick with Prima Games for the latest tips, tricks, and guides.

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