The 5 Best Emotes in Fortnite

Not all emotes are made equal

There’s no better way to celebrate grabbing that Victory Crown than emoting on the grave of your enemies. Here are the five best emotes in Fortnite.

The 5 Best Emotes in Fortnite (2023)

As the year draws to a close, we stand on a mountain full of emotes. But not all emotes are made equal. Some are simply better. Here are the top five emotes across all seasons in Fortnite.

5. My World

My World is a Chapter 2, Season 6 emote that came out in a bundle complete with My World and the Spellslinger Pickaxe. But what makes My World such a great emote is that you can also have one person sync up with you.

Source: Fortnite.GG

4. Scenario

Scenario debuted in the IKONIK set in Season 8, all the way back in 2019. Since then this rare emote continues to top the charts. The dance is based on the choreography used in the music video for Love Scenario.

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3. Orange Justice

Orange Justice is one of the most iconic Fortnite emotes of all time. Making its grand debut in Season 4 in 2018, it remains one of the best emotes to have in your emote wheel.

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2. Get Griddy

I’m sure no one’s surprised to see Get Griddy hit this list. Released in Chapter 2, Season 6, Get Griddy was part of the icon Series. For a mere 500 V-Bucks you could snag this emote, or you could get the entire Justin Jefferson’s Locker Bundle for 2,200. Not a bad deal!

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1.      Take the L

The absolute best emote to have in Fortnite is Take the L. It’s the perfect emote to spam once you get that final kill and snag the Victory Crown for yourself. Or you can use it in the lobby to let everyone else know what fate awaits them. Take the L hit the store in Season 3 of 2018, and it remains the indisputable must-have emote.

Source: Fortnite.GG

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