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Test of Strength Destiny 2 Guide: How to Complete Iron Banner Quest

by Ginny Woo

As we wind down Season 7 of Destiny 2, fondly known to all of us as the Season of Opulence, you’re probably thinking about tying up a bunch of loose ends. Whether that’s farming all the Pinnacle weapons, or just making sure that you give your all to the Community Challenge, there’s no shortage of things to do while waiting for Shadowkeep. Wanting to unlock the Iron Banner armor? We’ll help you with our Test of Strength Destiny 2 guide on how to finish the quest chain and get those sweet pieces.

Test of Strength Destiny 2 Guide: How to Complete Iron Banner Quest

If you’re wanting to pick up the Iron Banner gear and you’ve had your eyes on it for a bit, you’re probably already familiar with Lord Saladin. He’ll be your first port of call with this, and you’re going to have to report back to him to get things done. You can find him in the Tower. Here’s a full list of what you have to accomplish in order to pick up each piece of armor.

Killing enemy players in Iron Banner — Iron Banner boots

You just have to earn points by slaughtering other Guardians. The good news is that kills earned by those you team up with will also count, so you can effectively get carried through this part if you’re particularly lazy.

Capture control zones — Iron Banner gauntlets

You have to capture control zones for this part of Lord Saladin’s requirements. You actually get more points towards this bit if your team can keep all three zones under lock and key at the same time, so gun for that if you want to complete this quicker.

Get kills from super, grenade, and melee abilities — Unique Iron Banner class item

This part took us the longest. You’ll have to get a bunch of kills using your different abilities, and this worked out to about 100 kills per ability type so you’re looking at 300 kills all up. Just keep grinding away at it! 

Get kills with different weapon types — Iron Banner chest piece

You have to get kills using the following weapon types: auto rifles, scout rifles, fusion rifles, sniper rifles, and swords. Any teammates of yours getting these types of kills will also count towards your grand total, so it’s not as onerous a task as it might originally seem.

Complete Iron Banner matches — Iron Banner helmet

This is just a matter of time investment, again. You have to throw yourself into a whole ton of Iron Banner matches, and winning them is the quickest way to up that progress meter on this particular part of the quest. That being said, participation is enough, so it’s fine if you’re not feeling entirely up to a top-tier performance after all that killing you’ve already had to do.

Now that you’ve got our Test of Strength Destiny 2 guide handy, sorting out what Saladin wants and getting your Iron Banner armor set before Shadowkeep drops should be a piece of cake.


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