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Tekken 7 – How to Stop Akuma’s Fireballs

by Bryan Dawson

Akuma has a number of projectile attacks in Tekken 7, just like he does in Street Fighter. While you can sidestep or even jump over these attacks, you can also use specific attacks to nullify or avoid Akuma’s projectiles. We’ve got the complete list of attacks that will stop Akuma’s various fireballs.

If you’re just getting started playing as Akuma, be sure to check out our quick tips for Tekken and Street Fighter players alike. If you’re a seasoned Akuma player in Street Fighter, or you just need to know how to avoid his projectile attacks in Tekken, read on!


1 = Left Punch
2 = Right Punch
3 = Left Kick
4 = Right Kick

QCB = Roll from Down to Back in a Quarter Circle motion.
QCF = Roll from Down to Forward in a Quarter Circle motion.

d/f = Diagonal between Down and Forward
d/b = Diagonal between Down and Back
u/f = Diagonal between Up and Forward
u/b = Diagonal between Up and Back

Character Moves That Nullify Akuma’s Fireballs

Character Fireball Nulliying Moves
Akuma Hurricane kicks (QCB+Kick), EX Hurricane Kick (QCB+Both Kicks)
Alisa 1+2, BOOT 3, Back+3+4,3+4, u/f+3+4
Asuka 3~4, Back+1, Forward,Forward+3, Sidestep+2
Bryan d/f+3 (Snake Edge), Back,Back+4
Claudio Down+2, Starburst Down+2,2, d/b+3
Devil Jin 3+4 (Fly), Up+4, Forward,Forward+3+4
Dragunov QCF+3, While Knocked Down,1+2, d/b+1+2
Feng Up+2, u/f+2, QCF+1
Gigas u/f+1+2, u/f+3+4
Heihachi d/b+1+2 | Forward,Forward+2, While Crouching d/f+4
Hwoarang Forward+3 (Left Flamingo), Forward, Neutral,4, Back+1, Back+2
Jack-7 d/b+2 (hold)
Jin Mental Alertness 3, u/f+2
Josie d/f+3,2, d/f+3,2~f, u/f+3
Katarina Harrier 3, d/b+4, While Crouching d/f+4
Kazumi u/f+2
Kazuya Crouch Dash+3, While crouching d/f+3+4
King Forward+3+4, Sidestep 2+4
Lars Silent Entry 2, u/f+3+4, u/f+3+4 (Hold), Forward,Forward+3+4
Law Forward+1+4, d/f+3+4, u/f+3+4, While Crouching d/f,d,Hold d/f+3 (Slide)
Leo Forward+2+3, Down+1+2, QCF+1, While Crouching d/f+3
Lili d/b+4, Up+3+4, u/f+3+4, While Crouching d/f+3
Lucky Chloe Down+3+4, Down+3+4,Down+3+4, While Rising+3, Back Turned Foward+3+4, Back Turned Forward+3+4, 3+4
Nina Back+1, Down,Hold d/f+4, QCF+3
Paul Forward+1+4, While Crouching d/f+1+2
Shaheen Down+3, Down+3, Hold d/f, While Crouching d/f,d,Hold d/f+3 (Slide)
Steve 3 (Left Weave), 4 (Right Weave), Forward+3 (Ducking), Ducking 2, Sway 2
Xiaoyu u/f+3+4, Back Turned f+3+4, Back Turned Forward+3+4, 3+4, AOP Down+3+4, AOP 3, AOP 4~3, AOP Forward+3+4, AOP Forward+3+4, Down+1+2 (AOP)
Yoshimitsu KIN 3, Down+3+4, Down+3+4,4, Down+3+4,3+4 (Hold), QCF+1, While Crouching d/f+4

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