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Tacoma – Housecat Locations

by Josh Hawkins

If you’re a completionist like we are, then you’re going to want to make sure you grab all of the collectibles and little pieces of information available to you in Tacoma. Not only is the game loaded with tons of useful backstory info, but there are also a few nifty collectibles laying around just waiting to be picked up. In this article we’ll tell you how to find all seven housecat hiding spots, so that you can earn the Catsitter achievement in Tacoma.

All Housecat Locations

There are a total of seven locations that players can find the housecat (known as Margaret Catwood to the crew). In order to claim each location you will need to zoom in on the cat and wait for its name to show up. Grabbing all seven will reward you with a shiny new trophy. In order to make this guide easier to follow, we’ve divided each section up into the different parts of the station that you visit, in the order that you visit them.

Personnel Module

You’ll find two sightings of the Tacoma’s housecat in this module.


The first sighting can be logged during the main crew recording in Administration. Pause the recording and head into the room with E.V. St. James (the purple AR hologram). The cat can be found curled up in the chair in the far corner, by the massive calendar on the wall.


The second sighting in the Personnel Module is found in Operations, during the crew recording. Pause the recording and make your way into the Laundry Room. Once inside, look up at the pipes and vents that run along the wall and you should see the cat atop them, sleeping once more.

Biomedical Module

This next module holds two more sightings of the Tacoma’s friendly housecat.


While listening to the main crew recording in Botany, follow Sareh into Food Storage and look intot the room on the left. Now, look up at the ceiling until you spot the housecat laying in a hole above the grating that makes up the ceiling. Zoom in on it to claim it.


Enter Sareh’s medical exam area during the main crew recording in Medical, and then make your way into the Imaging Room. Once inside, look underneath the room’s main table to find the housecat curled up and sleeping.

Engineering Module

You’ll need to find the housecat twice in this module.

Mechanical Engineering

The first sighting of the Tacoma’s housecat is found in Mechanical Engineering, while listening to the main crew recording. Head left from the main entrance and make your way into the Power Cell Room. Now, look up into the left corner above the cells, where you should see the cat asleep on the cells. Zoom in to claim it.

Network Technology

You’ll find this hiding spot shortly after you spot the first of Sareh’s AR recordings. Turn around from Sareh’s hologram and look up towards the windowsills at the top of the main area with the stairs. Zoom in and you’ll find the housecat asleep near the windowsill at its highest point, next to an open door.

The Hub

There is only one final sighting of the housecat in Tacoma, and that can be found in the game’s final area. This sighting is actually only available at the very end of the game. Once you have left the Engineering Module with ODIN’s AI Wetware in tow, you’ll get to see the final crew recording, where you’ll find the housecat in E.V’s arms as they get ready to leave the station.

Now that you know how to find all seven of the housecat’s hiding spots in Tacoma, be sure to dive in and experience the story for yourself.

Josh Hawkins

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