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Syphon Filter: Logan’s Shadow Trophies Listed

Every trophy featured in PlayStation Plus' Syphon Filter classic

by Grant Testa

Syphon Filter: Logan’s Shadow has returned as part of PlayStation Plus Premium on May 16, 2023. The third-person shooter/ stealth game originally released on PlayStation Portable in 2007 and for the PlayStation 2 three years later in 2010. The game’s intriguing description elucidates Logan’s Shadow’s premise, explaining “Unseen, unheard and unknown – Gabe Logan, Precision Strike Operative, is no stranger to secrecy. But when Logan’s latest mission to capture a lethal weapon incriminates his closest allies, an intimate secret threatens to become a deadly lie.”

Unlike its PSP and PS2 iterations, the new PS4 and PS5 versions of the Syphon Filter title include a trophy list for players to complete on the way to earning the game’s Platinum trophy. Here is the full list of Syphon Filter: Logan’s Shadow trophies, including their respective trophy rarity.

Syphon Filter: Logan’s Shadow Trophy List

Fantastic Job, Gabe and Co. (Platinum Trophy)

Unlock all trophies in Syphon Filter: Logan’s Shadow

I Am the Captain Now (Bronze Trophy)

Complete ‘Pirates of Somalia’

Thanks for the Help, Cordell (Bronze Trophy)

Complete ‘Going Under’

How Long Can You Hold Your Breath? (Silver Trophy)

Complete ‘Ocean’s Five’

Cordell’s Not Going to Like This (Silver Trophy)

Complete ‘Sea of Darkness’

This Isn’t a Combat Sub (Silver Trophy)

Complete ‘What Lies Below’

Feeling Upside Down (Silver Trophy)

Complete ‘Depths of Darkness’

I’m No Math Wiz (Silver Trophy)

Complete ‘Dead Currents’

Underwater Spelunking (Silver Trophy)

Complete ‘Drowning’

She Owes Me a Favor (Silver Trophy)

Complete ‘Missing Friends’

If These Walls Could Talk (Silver Trophy)

Complete ‘Found Enemies’

Don’t Get to the Chopper (Silver Trophy)

Complete ‘Nowhere to Run’

We Can Do This All Night (Silver Trophy)

Complete ‘Trinidad’

Who’s Covering Who? (Silver Trophy)

Complete ‘Into the Cold’

This Isn’t 1st Class (Silver Trophy)

Complete ‘Deadly Cargo’

Tanks for the Assistance (Silver Trophy)

Complete ‘Operation Canyon Storm’

Way to Go, Boomer (Gold Trophy)

Complete ‘Our Hidden Past’

A Shocking End (Gold Trophy)

Complete ‘Desert Flames’

Dam You! (Gold Trophy)

Complete ‘The Long Descent’

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Dam You Again! (Gold Trophy)

Complete ‘Powerless’

The Crane Game (Gold Trophy)

Complete ‘Disintegration’

Pulling the Plug (Gold Trophy)

Complete ‘Leading the Blind’

That Was an Uplifting Experience (Gold Trophy)

Complete ‘With Violent Intent’

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