Top Survival Tips for H1Z1 – Crafting, Respawning, Loot

Tips for surviving in H1Z1, including crafting, loot, plus commands for location and respawning.

It’s not easy to survive in any game where the entire objective is to do just that, and H1Z1 is no different. Whether it’s the zombies, bears, wolves, or even the other players, almost every other living (and undead) being is a threat.

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While admittedly we’ve experienced our fair share of deaths in H1Z1, we’ve also managed to survive some delicate situations. Today, we pass that knowledge on to the gamers out there who are just getting started and need a helping hand.

How to Find Your Location

Unlike DayZ where gamers need to find a road sign, then translate it from Russian to English in order to figure out where they are, the developers of H1Z1 aren’t quite as hardcore. For players that spawn in and aren’t sure which way to travel, the /loc command can be a life saver. Simply press the Enter key to bring up the command box, then type the string of characters we have highlighted in bold above and press Enter again. This will result in some numbers popping up, of which only the Z and X values are needed. Just be sure to note whether they are negative or positive.

The second step of the process is to take those coordinates to a website like the H1Z1 database and input them on the right side of the screen. The site will then mark those coordinates on the map, and that’s the exact location of the player. For those that are really lost, move a short distance and repeat the process, which will mark the map with a second location to give direction of travel.

Carry a Compass

If there first step is to determine location, the second step is to figure out direction of travel, and the method we spoke about in our first tip isn’t the most ideal option. Instead, gamers should try to find a Compass, then toss it in their inventory. This will cause their direction of travel to be displayed in the top right corner of the screen, making just about any journey infinitely easier. Oh, and since actually finding a Compass is left entirely to chance, try crafting a Makeshift Compass with a bottle of Purified Water and Metal Shard. It’s a little bit bulkier and not quite as complex, but it will certainly do in a pinch.

The Zombie Doppelganger

A lot of people don’t know this, but when players die in H1Z1 their bodies will reanimate and become one of the zombies that can be seen wandering around, and they will even carry the same loot that the player had when they died. This means that anyone who kills that zombie can claim all of those items via a loot bag near the zombie body once it’s dead (again).

It’s certainly a long shot, but players who get lucky with their re-spawns can actually head back to the their bodies to look for a loot bag at the place of their death, or a zombie that might be carrying the goods on its person. In fact, we had one death due to the game crashing, at which point our friends put our zombie doppelganger down and snatched up all our loot. All we had to do was run back.

Getting a Better Spawn

Let’s pretend for a moment that the game gives a player a spawn that they simply don’t like. Perhaps it’s too far from their friends, or all the way across the map from their zombie doppelganger. Well, H1Z1 doesn’t have the suicide option that DayZ does, but it does come with a handy command to help players try their luck a second time.

Bring up the command box the same way that we outlined in a previous tip, but this time type in /respawn and press Enter. There likely won’t be a cool animation that shows the players kicking the bucket, but it will do the trick and cause a re-spawn. We’re not sure how long this one will remain active, however, as the developers seem interested in players working with the hand they are dealt.

Crafting Basic Survival Gear

There are a few things that every player needs when they spawn into H1Z1, such as a way to defend themselves, hunt animals, carry extra items and cook their meals. The good news is that most of the gear that is needed for basic survival can be crafted from a few simple items. Although we’ve already been busy teaching players how to craft some of these, we’ll summarize a few to cut down on the amount of clicking that’s needed.

Players should look to craft a Makeshift Bow, Wooden Arrows, Bow Drill, Makeshift Hatchet and a basic Satchel. For the most part these items will be replaced with better versions through looting, but having them in the early moments of life in H1Z1 can be a huge help.

  • 1 x Scrap of Cloth + 1 x Wood Stick = 1 x Makeshift Bow
  • 1 x Wood Stick = 1 x Wooden Arrow
  • 1 x Wood Stick + 1 x Scrap of Cloth + 1 Wood Plank = 1 x Bow Drill
  • 1 x Wood Stick + 1 x Scrap Metal = 1 x Makeshift Hatchet
  • 6 x Scrap of Cloth = 1 x Satchel

Where and How to Find Loot

Where players need to loot will largely depend on what they’re looking for. For us, apartment buildings in towns like Cranberry and Pleasant Valley are the way to go, but on PvP servers these can be high traffic areas, which makes looting there somewhat dangerous. Still, these buildings can spawn just about anything a desperate survivor would need, including ammunition, food, water bottles, clothing, backpacks, guns, condiments and more.

To effectively loot an apartment building, close the lobby doors after entering, then remain crouched whenever possible. The closed doors will keep the zombies (and bears) out, plus act like an alarm if anyone should open them. Crouching simply reduces the sound of a player’s footsteps, something that will help them remain undetected. At least the element of surprise is still an option if someone else does show up. If remaining undetected is still the priority, however, try sneaking up to the roof and going prone, players will almost always stop looting before that point.

Take the Road Less Traveled

As FRANKEonPCin1080p might say, the best way to survive encounters with other players is to remain unseen. It’s as true a tip as any other ever given in survival video game history, which is why we feel the need to echo that statement today.

Simply put, spend enough time in highly populated areas and eventually every player is going to die. This is especially the case with H1Z1, where around 200 people can fit on a server that is about one third the size of DayZ. For those that want to survive for the long haul, we’d suggest either moving to PvE and living off the land, or never, ever wandering into towns. The map is just too small for the number of survivors that can be playing at the same time.

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