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The Surge – IronMaus Armor, Location and Shining Coins

by Josh Hawkins

If you want to acquire the best sets of armor in The Surge, then you don’t want to miss out on the hidden IronMaus armor, which can only be acquired by collecting five Shining Coins. The armor itself offers some impressive stats for players to take into account, and today we’ll teach you everything you need to know to locate the Shining Coins in The Surge, and then use them to access the IronMaus armor.

In order to start acquiring the five Shining Coins that you need to obtain the IronMaus armor, players will need to take on five separate mini-bosses that can be found throughout the game world. You’ll come across these enemies naturally throughout your playtime, so we will not be covering their locations in this guide. We will, however, offer some tips to help you defeat the five Smelting Machines, which will drop the Shining Coins that you need to obtain this armor.

How to Obtain Shining Coins

As we mentioned above, Shining Coins are acquired from defeating the five Smelting Machines which are situated around the various areas that make up The Surge’s story. But, how do you know what a Smelting Machine is? Well, that’s easy.

Smelting Machines are these massive yellow machines with bulldozer-like arms that revolve around their body. The first Smelting Machine you’ll encounter is in the game’s first area, just inside of the Main Assembly Line.

The easiest way to take down these massive enemies is to focus on their weak points, which can be found all around the enemy’s body. The back legs, for example, are a great starting point. You will want to move around a bit, though, as standing in one place for too long will give the Smelting Machine a chance to attack, and it’s swinging attack can be deadly.

Once you’ve destroyed the Smelting Machine, pick up the Shining Coin that it drops, and then continue about your business. After you’ve obtained them all, it’s time to find a specific vending machine and obtain the IronMaus armor.

How to Get the IronMaus Armor

In order to obtain the IronMaus Armor, you’re going to need to make your way back to Central Production B, and look for an Iron bar vending machine, next to a shipping crate full of vending machines. Step up to the vending machine, and you’ll be able to interact with it. Interacting with the vending machine will cause a secret door to open, revealing the IronMaus Armor set inside. Pick it up to obtain the armor set.

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