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The Surge – How to Start A Walk in the Park DLC

by Josh Hawkins

The Surge took many Dark Souls fans by surprise when the game first released earlier this year, and since then players have done their best to tackle the problems that megacorporation CREO had created. Now things are set to get a bit more complicated, as The Surge has received a new major expansion in the form of A Walk in the Park. Like any hardcore RPG, finding your way to this new area won’t be easy, and we’ve got all the details to help make sure you can get to the new Walk in the Park DLC area in The Surge, and face your latest enemies in full force.

How to Start A Walk In the Park

A Walk in the Park takes players over to CREO World, a massive theme park where they’ll encounter new enemies and environments, all of which are much different from what players will have grown accustomed to in the main portion of the game. On top of that, players will also have a brand new boss to face off against and take down. Once you have the A Walk in the Park DLC installed, you’ll be able to launch into the game, where you’ll find a CREO World Ticket in your inventory. This item will give you access to the new area added with the DLC.

There are currently two known ways to start the DLC, the first of which can be found as early as Central Production B. Once you reach this area, head down towards the train station located near the Conveyor Hub section, where you meet Irina Beckett for the very first time. Once you reach the station at the bottom, you’ll find a train that leads you over to CREO World. Use the CREO World Ticket to gain access to it. Unfortunately, like all things in RPGs, things don’t quite go according toplan and you’ll have to leave the train early, which will lead you into the first area of the new DLC.

The second way that you can enter CREO World is from Research and Development. You’ll find the entrance to CREO World on the main exhibition floor of the Research and Development area, just to the right of the door that leads into Central Production B. You’ll use the ticket to gain access, and then you’ll be transported directly to CREO World, where you can use a nearby EXO-Light to head down a set of broken stairs and into the main DLC area.

No matter which entrance you take, you’ll always end up in a room filled with rubble that leads through a main door and into the new DLC area. Take whichever entrance is easiest, and head to the DLC area to get started on your latest adventure in CREO’s catastrophic attempt to save the world. Looking for more help in The Surge? Head over to our The Surge guide to see more information about the base game and all the different things that you’ll encounter.