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The Surge – How to Get Schematics

by Josh Hawkins

When you first start The Surge, you don’t actually have all of the pieces to your Exo-Rig. In fact, you’ll be missing several parts of the rig’s outer gear, which can be very helpful to you at later parts of the game. In this article we’ll show you how to easily obtain The Surge Schematics, and even walk you through equipping them once you have them crafted.

How to Get Schematics

Getting Schematics in The Surge will all depend on how you approach fights with the various enemies that you come across. If you want to become good at acquiring new Schematics, then you’re going to need to know how to target enemy body parts.

You’re taught this skill early on, and it’s actually a vital part of how you farm for crafting materials as well. If you haven’t read up on that information, then be sure to check out our guide, which we’ve linked in the sentence above.

Now, if you want to unlock specific Schematics, you’re going to need to find enemies with that particular piece of armor. For example, if you are looking to learn the Schematic for the Rhino Exo-Rig Helmet, you’re going to need to locate enemies that have armored heads. This indicates that they have the helmet on. Then, you can target their head by scrolling with the mouse wheel while locked onto them. Once the head is targeted, attack it with well-timed horizontal and vertical strikes until the Finisher icon pops up. This is E by default on PC.

If you’ve damaged the body part enough, then when you complete the Finisher and cut it off, the item should appear as a pickup once the enemy’s body burns away. If you don’t manage to grab it right away, just keep trying on enemies with the same armored body part.

Once you have the Schematics, you can head back to the Gear Station in an Ops Center to activate it and start building the piece. Once it’s built, you can equip it by heading into your inventory, locating the slot you want to equip a gear piece in, and then clicking on it. You should see a list of all the available gear pieces you have for that particular gear slot.

Choose the gear you want to equip, and then close out the inventory area and get back to fighting. Now that you know all about Schematics and how to get them, be sure to return to our The Surge guide for more helpful articles like how to find your Power core, or even our definitive guide on how Implants work. We’ll have plenty of additional content in the coming days, so check back often for new information.