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The Surge First Boss – Defeat P.A.X

by Josh Hawkins

Your first big goal in The Surge is to gain access to the factories where you can learn more about what has happened at CREO. After you make your way through the game’s first area, and restore power to the Power Plant, you’re going to have to face off against you first boss in the Surge, before you can board the Maglev Train and make your escape to the factories. In this article we’ll teach you everything you need to know to take on and defeat P.A.X, the first boss, in The Surge.

How to Beat P.A.X

P.A.X is unlike any other enemy you’ve fought in The Surge so far. Unlike previous enemies, which have all been humans in Exo-Rigs, P.A.X is your first real look at the massive mechs that CREO has become famous for. Standing much taller than Warren, P.A.X has a long reach with both his arms and his oversized legs. This fight will be all about staying close to P.A.X, but also being aware of where his attacks are coming from.

One of the most important things to pay attention to in this fight is the orange bar beneath P.A.X’s health bar. You may notice that when you first begin fighting P.A.X, his health doesn’t actually diminish at all. This is because you must hit him in his weak point, the head.

Unfortunately, due to P.A.X’s size, hitting him in the head is quite a difficult task to pull off. Instead, focus on his legs, and begin to hit his legs with various vertical and horizontal attacks. Try to stay just behind his legs, or between them, as it is harder for P.A.X to hit you with his swords from here. Each hit that you make should begin to fill up the orange bar beneath his health.

You should also watch out for P.A.X’s stomp attack. If you stick beneath him too long, the massive robot will lift up his foot, charge it for a moment, and then stomp the ground. This move knocks you down, which can lead to P.A.X being able to get a few hits off on you with his swords while you’re out of commission. Always dodge away when he does this, so that the small shockwave from the stomp doesn’t hurt you.

Once P.A.X’s orange bar is filled, he’ll jump away and crouch down. He’ll make some comment about subjugation, so listen out for this, and then run directly underneath the massive robot. He’ll start shooting rockets out at you, and your goal is to make him hit himself instead. If your attack is successful, and the rockets hit him instead, then he’ll be knocked down and you can go to town on his head.

As the battle continues, P.A.X will continue to move around more and more, jumping away when you get too close for too long. To counter this, we suggest sticking back out of range, and then running in and attack his legs for a short moment to do some damage. It might take a little longer to fill up the orange bar, but it will be a safer bet that will result in you dying less times than you should to this oversize robot.

Once P.A.X is defeated you’ll acquire a new weapon from him. Use the Exo-Rig lift nearby, and then hop on the Maglev train to head to the second area of the game, the factories. Now that you know how to defeat P.A.X, head back over to our The Surge guide for more helpful articles like how Implants work, and even a guide on how to farm crafting materials.