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The Surge Final Boss – Defeat Rogue Process

by Josh Hawkins

After surviving the nightmares within CREO’s facility, players must finally take on the biggest baddie they’ll come across in The Surge. In this article we’ll teach you everything that you need to know in order to take down the final boss of The Surge, the Rogue Process. This fight will be challenging, so make sure you follow all of the information we list below to increase your chances of taking the boss down and making it out alive.

How to Defeat Rogue Process

Like most of the other boss battles in The Surge, the Rogue Process boss fight features two distinct phases, which players will need to master in order to complete the game. During the first phase, players will take on a large hulking mass of metal, which features large sweeping AOE(area of effect) attacks, as well as several other strong attacks. Luckily the boss moves fairly slowly in this phase, giving you plenty of time to dodge out of the way. In the second phase, the player will face a much smaller and faster enemy. Dodging will be much more difficult, and attacks will come at much greater speeds.

Phase 1

As we said before, the first phase of the battle sees the player facing off against a huge bulk of metal. There are several limbs that you should focus on, and each one will glow with a blueish/white tint. The goal in this phase is to destroy all of these pieces, which will force the Rogue Process to become whole again and remove the block on the station.

Dodge the boss’ attacks and run behind the enemy’s hulking mess of metal. Take aim at the various limbs and start attacking them until the Rogue Process stops moving. At this point the boss is charging up for a very dangerous area of effect attack, which will deal large amounts of damage to the player if they are caught in it. Get in a few more hits, and then run away as quickly as you can.

Throughout this phase the Rogue Process will begin to change colors, slowly becoming redder and redder. When this happens the boss will also get more aggressive, and start to attack more often. Continue dodging its attacks and then slice away at its limbs until the entire bulk of its mass has turned red.

Now it’s time to begin Phase 2. Once the Rogue Process is completely red you won’t be able to target it anymore. At this time, run up to the central control console and overcharge it. This will overload the system, causing the boss to lose a large amount of its mass. From here the Rogue Process will be transformed into a humanoid figure, where it will be much more agile and aggressive.

Phase 2

Unhappy that you’ve undone all its hard work, the Rogue Process returns to the arena with several new quick combos. Watch out for its movements, and dodge away whenever it tries to attack. The trick to this phase is to be patient and treat the boss like any other trash (non-boss) mob in the game. Wait for it to attack, dodge out of the way, and then jump in and get off a few quick attacks before retreating once more. Continue this process until you manage to whittle down the Rogue Process’ health and kill it. At this point you’ll have beaten every boss in the game, and completed The Surge.

Now that you’ve completed The Surge, be sure to return to our The Surge guide for help throughout your next run. You can head into New Game+, which we definitely recommend if you enjoyed your time with the game. You’ll find plenty of helpful articles on our site, like how to farm crafting materials, how to get the hidden IronMaus armor, and even a guide to all armor sets and their bonus effects.

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