The Surge – Defeat Unit LU-74 ‘Firebug’ Boss

Learn how to take down the massive Firebug boss in The Surge’s second area, Central Production B.

After surviving the dangerous halls of Central Production B, you come face to face with LU-74, the second boss in The Surge—which is so aptly nicknamed the “Firebug”, a massive robot with several legs that specializes in spinning attacks as it hovers over the ground. In this article we’ll show you how to find the weak points of the Firebug boss in The Surge, as well as the easiest way to take it down and obtain the Firebug Throttle Twin-Rig weapon.

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How to Defeat LU-74, The Firebug

The first thing that players may notice about this boss is that they’ve seen it before, near the start of the game. It’s the same robot that you probably saw flying above the first area of the game. It uses some of their same techniques throughout the boss fight, and will even do a hard-hitting spinning attack that can hit you multiple times. Be sure to follow this guide if you want to take this boss down easily.

We’ve already shown you how to defeat P.A.X, the first boss of the game. The second boss isn’t quite a tough as the first, but that’s only because this boss fight is a bit more straightforward than the last. As you enter the arena, take note of the various legs on the Firebug robot. These legs are going to be your first priority, as they are the robot’s weak points.

Phase 1

The easiest way to deal with the first phase of this fight is to wait for the Firebug to land, and then move close to it. Target one of its legs and wait for it to slam it down on the ground. Be sure to dodge out of the way, and then move in and hit it once or twice after it slams its legs into the ground. After one or two hits, retreat, as the machine will attack again. Repeat this process until the robot is stunned, and then target the extended leg to cut it off.

The first phase of the battle will continue until you manage to hack off three or four of the robot’s legs. Beware that sometimes the Firebug will rise into the air and extend its legs as it does a spinning attack. When this happens, circle the robot and avoid the spinning legs as best you can. Wait for it to land, and then return to lobbing off its legs.

Phase 2

After you have chopped off three or four of the boss’ legs, the second phase of the battle will begin. The Firebug drops to the ground, pushing you away from it in a fiery blast. When this happens, back up and watch as the robot rises once more. It will have gained several new attacks, but you’ll also notice a square item extended from the bottom of the boss. This is the boss’ weak point, the biggest problem in this phase is getting close enough to hit it and take the boss down for good.

The most dangerous attack you’ll run into during this phase is similar to the spinning attack from phase one. This time, however, the Firebug also shoots out bursts of flame, which will catch you on fire and burn your health away. Avoid this attack at all costs, and stay out of range until it finishes.

The second attack to worry about is another flame-based attack. The Firebug will take its boosters and target the ground around it, creating jets of flame. You can easily avoid these by jumping under the boss and attacking its weak point. This was one of the best ways we found to whittle down the boss’ health, so be sure to take advantage of it. You will have to be quick, though, and if you don’t think you can move that fast, then follow the method we’ve mentioned below.

The third new attack is a blade that Firebug extends and spins around to try to hit you. This attack can be baited, much like the leg stomp in the first phase. Bait the robot into attack, and then hit it with a volley of attacks after dodging its blade. This is a good way to whittle down its health, and is how you’ll want to approach the boss fight if you aren’t fast enough to get beneath the flames mentioned above. After the battle ends, and you’ve destroyed the Firebug, it collapses into a pile of rubble and you receive the Firebug Throttle, a Twin-Rig weapon which relies upon quick attacks to take down enemies.

Now that you know how to defeat the second boss in The Surge, be sure to head back over to our The Surge guide for even more articles like how to farm for crafting materials, how to upgrade weapons and armor, and more.

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