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The Surge Armor Sets and Bonus Effects

by Josh Hawkins

One of the biggest mechanics in any action-RPG like The Surge is upgrading and finding new armor to make your character stronger. Since there isn’t any real way to upgrade your individual stats, equipping new armor is the best way to upgrade your defense, and make sure you have the greatest amount of stopping power when you go up against enemies. In this article we’ll take a look at all The Surge armor sets, discuss their set bonuses, and offer some insight into each set.

It should be noted that this article is a work in progress, and we’ll be updating it as we discover more information about the various armor sets includes in The Surge.

Rhino – Goliath Class

The Rhino armor Gear set is one of the first two sets that players come across, and it can be obtained most easily by choosing it at the start of the game. Wearing a full set of Rhino gear grants the player increased impact while under the effect of Implants the boost weapon damage. If you chose to run with the Lynx Gear instead of the Rhino, you’ll be able to find this Gear set pretty early on within the first two levels. Target the pieces that you need, and then dismember them to acquire the Schematics and parts.

Lynx – Operator Class

The Lynx armor Gear set is the second set that players can choose to obtain right at the opening of the game. It is a lighter Gear set compared to the Rhino, but it offers much less Stamina usage cost for attacks and dodges. Players who obtain and wear a full set of Lynx armor Gear will be granted increased attack speed while at or near full health. This can be very useful for dashing in, getting off quite a few good hits, and then dodging out before the enemy has a chance to counter your attacks. This armor can be obtained easily within the first two areas of the game, if you chose to start with the Rhino Gear set instead.

Proteus – Goliath Class

The Proteus Gear is one of the most interesting sets available, as a full equipped set grants the player a passive health regeneration stat, as well as increases the effect of all healing Implants. This armor set can be obtained in the fourth area of the game, by dismembering various parts of the terminator-like robots that you come across in Research and Development. The regeneration amount is low, though, banking in at just 5HP per 10 seconds, but it is a nice addition to have for those who find themselves taking hits quite often.

Liquidator – Operator Class

The Liquidator Gear set is another Operator-style class set, which means it doesn’t offer nearly the defensive stats that Goliath class sets like the Rhino and Proteus offer. It does, however, offer a bonus additional elemental resistance, when wearing a full set—which can make it very handy against enemies with elemental damage. The best way to find this armor is to look for enemies in and around toxic areas, or look out for the gun-wielding guys in Research and Development. Target the body parts that you’re missing Schematics for, and then go to town.

Bloodied Proteus – Goliath

This variation of the normal Proteus gear set offers the exact same bonuses as the basic set, but it does offer a new look if you’re aren’t really feeling the default color and cosmetics. The easiest way to find this armor is to head to Research and Development, then make your way up the stairs in front of the OPS center. Head up the stairs, through a door, and then take a left and follow the hallway to the end. There’s a room here where you’ll find the Bloodied Proteus enemy waiting at the back of the room. There are several enemies here, though, so be careful.

MG Gorgon – Sentinel Class

If you want to obtain this full Gear set, you’re going to have to face off against the various security enemies around the game. They don’t respawn, though, so make sure you bring your best energy-creating weapon to the fight. Obtaining this gear is challenging, but the reward is well worth it. When a full set of MG Gorgon is equipped, the player will receive increased Stamina regeneration, making it easier to attack, dodge, and then attack again after your Stamina recharges

Elite Hazard – Sentinel Class

The Elite Hazard Gear can be obtained from the flamethrower-wielding enemies found inside of area 4, Research and Development. Once you’ve obtained the armor, and equipped it, the full set will alter the effect of your Drone’s Emergency Coolant Vent, instead causing it to vent out a cloud of very toxic gas, that can kill your enemies. You will need the Drone module that allows you to use this feature, but once you have it, this suit can be very useful for dealing with large groups of enemies.

Scarab – Sentinel Class

This Sentinel class Exo-Rig Gear set is extremely useful because it offers defense similar to a Goliath class Gear set, but doesn’t cost you near as much Stamina when attacking and dodging. It can be found as early as Central Production B, the game’s second area, though it may take you a bit to gather all the Schematics and parts you need to use it. Wearing a complete set of the Scarab Gear will boost the effect of all of your Vital Boost Implants, which can be very helpful for those who have to heal quite a bit.

That’s every basic armor set within the game. We’ll have more details on the various special and hidden armors coming soon. For now, be sure to head back to our The Surge guide hub, where we have plenty of other helpful articles like how to get Schematics, how to farm for crafting materials, and even a guide on how to get the IronMaus armor, one of the first hidden armor sets in the game.