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How to Use Spirits in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

by Larryn Bell

Alongside a handful of new characters, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate introduces a new gameplay mechanic called Spirits, which repurposes the old Trophy system to create a new support feature for your fighters. Continue reading to learn more about how Spirits work and how you can unlock these new collectibles in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

What are Spirits in Smash Bros. Ultimate?

In Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Spirits are a type of collectible that can provide bonus effects and stat boosts to fighters when equipped, particularly in the World of Light adventure mode. You can also utilize Spirits to improve the stats of your Amiibo fighters as well. 

Spirits are designated as either Primary or Support. There are four different types of Primary Spirits to choose from and each are designated by color. Certain types of Spirits will have an advantage over others, as detailed below.

  • Blue Spirits (Shield) – Advantage over Attack Spirits.
  • Green Spirits (Grab) – Advantage over Shield Spirits.
  • Red Spirits (Attack) – Advantage over Grab Spirits.
  • Gray Spirits (Neutral) – No advantage over others.

Not only do Spirits help boost your stats in battle, they also can help with progression in World of Light by clearing paths that were otherwise blocked. If you come up against a barrier in adventure mode, consider using a different type of Spirit to clear the way.

Super Smash Bros Ultimate Spirits Guide

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How to Get Spirits

One way to get Spirits is by visiting the Spirit Board, which lists a series of fighters that have Spirits attached. Defeating the fighter will free them of the Spirit, but you can only attempt each battle once. Make sure to prepare for each fight by selecting Spirits that will match the power level of the opponent. Once you finish the battle, you must try to free the Spirit by shooting between their shield. There are items that can help make this easier as well. 

Spirits can also be unlocked upon defeating a possessed opponent in World of Light. This will free them of the Spirit that possessed them, making the Spirit available to you. Some challenges will reward Spirits as well. Make sure to follow the conditions of battle to obtain the Spirit as a reward.

How to Increase a Spirit’s Power Level

Think of Spirits as your own personal pet collection in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Players can increase the power level of each Spirit by equipping them and bringing them into battle in modes where Spirits are allowed, such as World of Light. The Spirit essentially gains experience for each battle they’re in, especially if they emerge victorious. 

You can also send your Spirits to the gym if you have defeated the Doc Lewis Spirit in World of Light. Leaving Spirits at the gym will allow them to passively train and power up over time, even when you’re not playing the game.

Similar to Candy in Pokemon GO, you can also feed various snacks to your Spirits as well, provided you have Spirit Points to spend. There are various snack sizes to choose from, each varying in cost. If you need more Spirit Points, you can earn them by playing World of Light. 

Upon reaching Level 99, certain Spirits can be upgraded to obtain better stats and abilities. These Spirits will essentially “prestige” and revert back to Level 1, gaining improved base stats. If your Spirits hit this level cap while in the gym, remember to swap them out and upgrade them so that another lower-level Spirit can take its place.

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