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Super Smash Bros. 3DS Stage Tips for Every Level

by Bryan Dawson

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While characters are a big part of any fighting game, the stages in Super Smash Bros. have almost as much life and interactivity as the characters. Some stages are elaborate, with constantly changing environments and stage hazards left and right. Other stages are built for tournament play with virtually no distractions or hazards. If you want to be good at Super Smash Bros. 3DS, you need to know the stages just as well as you know your character of choice.

Omega Form Stages

Every stage can be selected in normal form or omega form. When the omega form is selected, all stage hazards are removed and the stage becomes a single platform with the background of the original stage. This was done to allow tournaments to use any stage in the game. In the past, tournaments would ban a large number of stages to avoid stage hazards and other aspects that would interfere with the battle and add a random factor to the fights. 

3D Land

Origin: Super Mario 3D Land 

This stage moves to the right, then transitions and begins to move up. As the stage moves, various obstacles and hazards are presented that go along with the Super Mario 3D Land environment. Watch out for spikes appearing from below, platforms tilting to the left or right and blocks falling out from under you if your character remains stationary for too long. 

Arena Ferox

Origin: Fire Emblem

The base platform in Arena Ferox always remains stationary. However, when purple fog appears along the platform, this indicates the environment is about to change. There are a number of different platform arrangements that may appear above the base platform, but nothing hazardous beyond basic platforms.

Balloon Fight

Origin: Balloon Fight

Balloon Fight has a few slightly different layouts that are randomly selected each time you enter the stage. Unlike most other stages, you can walk off the left or right side of the screen and appear on the opposite side. However, if you’re hit too far out on either side you will still suffer a KO. 

The flippers that appear in the sky start spinning if a character comes in contact with them. Once spinning, the flippers inflict damage to any character that touches them. A fish also inhabits the water at the bottom of the stage and can grab a character that falls in, delaying their fall and allowing more time to recover. 


Origin: Super Smash Bros. 64

The Battlefield stage is nearly identical to every previous version of the stage. It has one main platform with several others floating above it. There are no additional hazards found in the stage. 

Boxing Ring

Origin: Punch-Out!!

Players can do battle inside the boxing ring, outside the ring (with no penalty) and on top of the light fixture above the ring. The light fixture can be attacked and will fall to the ring once enough damage has been inflicted. When it falls, it can damage any characters under it at the time. Keep a close eye on the fixture, and be prepared to move away if you see it get hit a few times. Characters can bounce on the ropes lining the ring, and use them to gain extra height for jumps and aerial attacks. 


Origin: Metroid 

The most unique aspect of the Brinstar stage is the fact that acid occupies the bottom portion. Occasionally the acid will rise, covering every portion of the stage except for the highest platform in the middle. Any characters that come in contact with the acid will take damage and get launched into the air. In some cases the acid can prevent a character from falling off the stage, but if your damage percentage is high enough, it can still cause a KO. 

When the acid begins to rise, make your way to the top platform to avoid taking damage. Keep in mind, other players will also be moving toward the uppermost platform. You can use this opportunity to attack other players while they’re occupied by the acid. 


Origin: Star Fox 

This is a fairly straightforward stage. You battle on top of the Great Fox ship, but Arwings and other ships occasionally attack. When an Arwing appears and hovers in the air, players can stand on it like any other platform. However, the Arwing doesn’t remain stationary very long and can KO players if they remain on top of it when it moves off. The lasers fired by the Arwings and even the Great Fox lasers in front of the ship can damage any characters that come in contact with the attack. 

Distant Planet

Origin: Pikmin 

At first glance, the Distant Planet stage is fairly straightforward. However, players can obtain items in the stage by using the pellets. For those unfamiliar with Pikmin, the flowers that grow from the leaves drop pellets when attacked. The flowers start with the number one clearly visible, and the longer they are allowed to grow, the higher the number gets. Attack the flower, pick up the pellet, and throw it at the nearby Pikmin ship (which looks like an onion). The higher the number on the pellet, the more items the ship will produce.

Dream Land

Origin: Kirby’s Dream Land 

Dream Land resembles a classic Game Boy. When the match begins, this is a very straightforward stage. However, after a short time a hand appears pointing toward the side of the screen. The direction the hand points is the direction the screen is about to move. Get ready to move alongside the screen into the new environment. The environment may change several times before the hand appears and the screen moves again. The movement of the stage is the only significant hazard, as the other transitions simply change the layout of platforms within the stage. 

Final Destination

Origin: Super Smash Bros.

Final Destination is identical to the same stage in previous Smash Bros. titles. The stage consists of a single platform, with no other obstacles or hazards.

Find Mii

Origin: Nintendo 3DS StreetPass Quest 

A captured Mii is held in a cage that sits in the upper left corner of the screen. Meanwhile the Dark Emperor moves around in the background. Occasionally the Dark Emperor will move into the foreground and attack the other players. If you come in contact with the Dark Emperor during this time, your character will take damage. 

Attacking the cage swings it from side to side. Attack it enough and the cage will break. If the cage breaks while the Dark Emperor is in the background, he leaves until the cage is reset. If the Dark Emperor has already moved into the foreground when the cage is broken, he remains in play and eventually moves into the background again. From time to time the Dark Emperor will give an attribute boost to a random player (e.g. a boost to that character’s attack power) while moving in the background. 

Flat Zone 2

Origin: Game & Watch 

Flat Zone 2 starts out very basic, but randomly transforms into a variety of layouts. Some of the objects that appear can damage players, while others can be used as basic platforms. It’s very easy to score a KO by knocking an opposing player to the far right or left side of the stage. Be very careful in this stage and stay near the middle to avoid low percentage KOs. 

Gaur Plain

Origin: Xenoblade Chronicles 

Gaur Plain is comprised of a series of small to moderate-size platforms. There are three platforms on the right in vertical alignment, with four on the left in a similar alignment. A wide chasm separates the platforms on the right and left and serves as the primary hazard in the stage. 

Gerudo Valley

Origin: The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 

At first, Gerudo Valley appears to be a basic flat stage. However, if the bridge in the middle of the stage takes too much abuse by walking on or damaging it, the bridge will snap. This reveals a chasm below with platforms and spikes on either side. If you fall into this chasm, get out as quickly as possible before the small platforms disappear. 

In addition, two witches appear in the skies above when the bridge breaks. Watch the witches because one of them will attack the left or right side of the stage. This creates a fire or ice attack that engulfs one side of the stage. As soon as you see which direction the witches attack, head to the opposite side of the stage. After a short time, the bridge is repaired and the stage resets. The witches attack the first time the bridge is broken, then every other time the bridge breaks. 

Golden Plains

Origin: New Super Mario Bros. 2 

Golden Plains is a more unique stage compared to some of the other moving stages. You’ll quickly notice a plethora of gold coins scattered throughout the stage, as well as a coin counter in the corner of the screen for each player. Once a player collects 100 coins (resetting the counter to zero), a stage transition initiates and the screen moves to the right. Watch for the blinking sign to know when the stage is about to move.

The next time 100 coins have been collected, the stage returns to the original position. After a few minutes have passed, red and blue coins begin to appear. Red coins count as five gold coins, while blue coins count as 10. 

Green Hill Zone

Origin: Sonic the Hedgehog 

This classic Sonic stage has a half-pipe in the center. The ground in the middle of the half-pipe can be destroyed if damaged enough. In addition the lamp posts can be hit, causing them to spin. While spinning the posts inflict damage to any player who comes in contact with them, stay away from the edges of the stage, as it’s relatively easy to KO an opponent by knocking them to either side. 

Jungle Japes

Origin: Donkey Kong 64

The returning classic stage can be a bit deceptive. While it may seem as though this is one flat stage connected by bridges, this stage consists of four separate platforms. Three in-line along the bottom of the stage, with one elevated platform in the middle. The bridges are only background objects and cannot be used to stand on. If you attempt to walk from one of the outer platforms to the center platform, you will fall off. In addition, there’s a raging river at the very bottom that will not KO a character instantly, but if you don’t act quickly it will sweep you away for a near-instant KO. 

Living Room

Origin: Nintendogs 

The only aspect of the Living Room that you need to worry about is when the camera zooms out and shadows appear on the ground. The shadows indicate where objects are about to fall. If you get hit by any of the falling objects, you will take damage. After a short time the objects disappear and the stage resets. 


Origin: Mother (Earthbound) 

Magicant is a fairly straightforward stage. There’s a floating platform below the base platform, but it disappears after a short time so don’t stand on it for long periods. In addition, a tree moves by just below the base platform, which can also be used as a temporary platform.

Occasionally, other random objects appear on one of the platforms, including Flying Man who always appears on the upper right platform. The first player to come in contact with Flying Man will activate the character. Once activated, Flying Man acts like an assist trophy and attacks other players, assisting the player who activated him. He must be knocked off the stage in order to get rid of him. 

Mushroomy Kingdom

Origin: Super Mario Bros.

The Mushroomy Kingdom stage is a deserted take on World 1-1 from the original Super Mario Bros. It scrolls to the right throughout the battle, as landmarks from World 1-1 can be seen in the background. Normal blocks can be broken just like in the original game, while question mark blocks can be hit, but remain in place. 

Mute City

Origin: F-Zero 

Mute City takes place on the famous F-Zero race track of the same name. There are two floating platforms that hover above the race track, with at least one vehicle below at all times, which can be used as a platform as well. The floating platforms move horizontally, but always remain on-screen. However, the vehicles below can disappear off-screen from time to time. 

Watch out for the text, “CHECK” to appear above a vehicle. This indicates that the vehicle is about to be knocked off the track. Do not stand on the vehicle if you see this warning. If you come in contact with the track, your character will take damage and fly high into the air. 


Origin: Pac-Man 

The Pac-Maze stage looks like a classic Pac-Man arcade level. The ghosts from the original game move around the stage and damage any character that comes in contact with them. However, if a character collects 100 dots (the same dots that Pac-Man eats in the classic game) a Power Pellet appears. If the Power Pellet is collected, the ghost turn blue and the character who picked up the Power Pellet can remove the ghosts from the stage by touching them. If any other character touches the ghosts, he or she will still take damage. 

Paper Mario

Origin: Paper Mario: Sticker Star 

The Paper Mario stage is made up of three different backgrounds. The first is a standard landscape with an elevated platform on the left and a windmill on the right. The windmill moves if a character stands on it, so don’t use it as a reliable camping position. There’s also a pipe near the middle of the stage. If a character stands on the pipe, they bounce high into the air. After a short time, a large fan appears on the left side of the screen. This creates a wind current that moves all characters to the right, and makes the elevated platform and the windmill very difficult to stand on. In addition, the pipe no longer launches characters high into the air.

Once the fan disappears, the stage transitions to a ship on the high seas. There are three elevated platforms above the deck of the ship, one on either side and a third in the center above the other two. Try to avoid standing on the center elevated platform as the screen moves down just enough to remove any character standing on the platform from regular view (causing damage for being off-screen). There are waves that appear below the ship, but you cannot swim in the water so don’t even try. If you fall off the ship you will receive a KO. 

The third and final format of the Paper Mario stage is a variation of Bowser’s Castle. There’s a Bowser head in the middle of the stage with a platform on either side that both move vertically. As soon as the stage transition begins, stand on one of the platforms, or get on top of Bowser’s head. Try to avoid standing in Bowser’s open mouth. When Bowser’s eyes glow, this indicates the head is about to turn. As the head turns, any characters standing in Bowser’s mouth will eventually fall off. After a short time, the stage transitions back to the starting phase and the process repeats. 

PictoChat 2

Origin: Nintendo DS PictoChat 

The new PictoChat stage is very similar to the PictoChat stage from Super Smash Bros. Brawl. Random objects appear in the stage as the battle progresses. After a short time the objects disappear and the stage resets. Some of the objects that appear serve as platforms for characters to stand on, while others can cause damage to the characters. 

Prism Tower

Origin: Pokémon X and Y 

The Prism Tower starts as a flat stage, then a platform appears in the middle, near the bottom. Get on the platform, as this indicates a stage transition is about to occur. As the platform moves the battle throughout the cityscape, other elevated platforms may appear. When the other platforms begin to rapidly flash, this is a signal that they’re about to disappear followed by the main platform moving again. If the main platform flashes rapidly, this indicates it’s about to change in size and move the characters to another part of the city. When you see a platform flashing, move as close to the center as you can to avoid falling off. 

Rainbow Road

Origin: Mario Kart 7 

For the most part, Rainbow Road features a single, long, elevated platform in the middle of the screen that travels along the race track. Occasionally the platform stops and is replaced by multiple elevated platforms, or solid ground below. When this happens, watch out for a flashing sign that warns karts are about to speed past. 

The karts can come from either side or even the background, and inflict considerable damage if you come in contact with them. After the karts zoom by, another flashing warning sign appears to indicate that the middle platform is about to reappear. Move toward the center of the stage to ensure you’re above the platform when it rises from below. 

Reset Bomb Forest

Origin: Kid Icarus: Uprising 

Reset Bomb Forest begins as a normal flat stage with elevated platforms. After a short time fighting, Viridi appears in the background and drops a Reset Bomb, which engulfs the stage in a white light and transitions to the ruins of a castle. There are several erratic floating platforms, as well as a Lurchthorn enemy that moves below the lower platforms and damages any characters that come in contact with it. However, if you hit the Lurchthorn it can save you from otherwise falling to a KO. After a short time, another Reset Bomb is used to change the stage back to the original form, and the cycle repeats. 

Spirit Train

Origin: The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks 

The Spirit Train stage is composed of three train cars moving along a track. As the battle progresses, an arrow appears in the upper left corner that indicates the direction the screen is about to move. When this happens, more often than not you need to move toward the engine. Usually the last car on the right moves off screen and is replaced by a new car. 

If a damaged train appears in front of or behind the main train, stay away from it. Sometimes it explodes and disappears, other times it lands on the train, then explodes. When it lands on the train, move toward the engine to avoid damage from the explosion. After it explodes on top of the train, only the engine remains for a short time before the rest of the train is reset. In addition, if a second engine appears behind the train, move toward it. This indicates that the screen is about to move the other direction, pushing the main engine off-screen. 

There’s a floating platform that occasionally hovers above the train. This platform moves in and out of the screen, so don’t rely on it as a stationary point to stand on. Finally, if you land on the tracks, you will not KO instantly. Instead, you take damage and bounce off the tracks, giving you time to recover and get back on the train, depending on your damage percentage.

Tomodachi Life

Origin: Tomodachi Life 

The Tomodachi Life stage takes place in front of a three-story house. Only the ground floor is a solid platform, with the second floor, third floor and roof acting like floating platforms that characters can stand on and move through. Random Miis appear in the rooms of the house, but do not interact with the players. 

Tortimer Island

Origin: Animal Crossing: New Leaf 

The island serves as the primary platform in this stage, which has a few slightly different layouts chosen at random when the stage is selected. No matter what layout is selected, characters are unable to swim in the water, and will instead fall right through. A boat occasionally appears near the dock, which can be used as a platform. However, after a short time it speeds off quickly and with no warning, so be ready to move before this happens. Random items will drop from the trees on the island and can be used to attack other players or replenish health, depending on the item that drops. 

Unova Pokémon League

Origin: Pokémon Black and White

The Unova Pokémon League stage begins as a standard flat stage. After a short time the background changes and ramps may appear on both sides of the main platform. Shortly after the background change, Reshiram or Zekrom appears in the middle of the background and charges an attack. Watch for sparks and other clearly visible warning signs to determine where the attack will hit. If it hits on either side, the ramp on that side will be destroyed. It’s also possible that the stage will tilt in the opposite direction when attacked so be ready for the impact. If the middle of the stage is targeted, evacuate that area as quickly as you can to avoid taking damage. Other Pokémon may randomly appear, but they do not attack. 

WarioWare, Inc.

Origin: WarioWare, Inc. 

The WarioWare stage is unique because it incorporates the mini-games from the WarioWare titles. Players can participate in the mini-games during the battle, with the winning player being rewarded with various items or even health replenishment. Some of the mini-games can be played like normal, while others will damage characters if they come in contact with them. Focus on the battle first and foremost, but if you can easily win a game, do so to earn extra items. 

Wily Castle

Origin: Mega Man 2

The primary hazard in the Wily Castle stage is the Yellow Devil that materializes on the main platform. Any character that comes in contact with the Yellow Devil takes damage. In addition, the enemy attacks other players with projectiles, as well as its own body (moving from one side of the stage to the other). Players can attack the Yellow Devil by targeting its eye. Once the eye has been damaged enough, the Yellow Devil explodes. The explosion inflicts damage to any characters in close proximity, with the exception of the player who defeated the Yellow Devil. 

If you can target the Yellow Devil’s eye with ease (generally using a projectile attack), it can be beneficial to take it down. However, do not focus on killing the Yellow Devil if other players are close-by or attacking from a distance. If you’re under attack, simply try to avoid the Yellow Devil. Standing behind it is a good strategy until it moves to the far side of the stage and attacks again. Keep in mind, you will take damage if you come in contact with the Yellow Devil. To get behind it, you need to jump over it, or already be in the corner of the stage when it appears. 

Yoshi’s Island

Origin: Super Mario World 2: Yoshi’s Island 

Yoshi’s Island is a fairy basic stage, with a few exceptions. Occasionally a ghost appears on the left side, which serves as a temporary platform. The platform can save a character who has been knocked off the stage, and even help them recover and avoid a KO. In addition, the Shy Guys that appear randomly can be attacked. If you hit a Shy Guy they drop various items.

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