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Super Mario Run: How to Kill Ghosts

by Josh Hawkins

Super Mario Run is Nintendo’s first true mobile game, and it comes with a load of cool features to help keep players running around Mario’s world. When you reach World 5-3, you’ll encounter ghosts (or as Mario lore calls them, Boos) that have items like coins and keys hidden within them. To get these items, you’ll have to defeat the Boos. In this article, we’ll tell you how to kill ghosts in Super Mario Run.

The Basics of Ghost Killing

Since Mario is always running, you’ll have to be quick to defeat the ghosts and get the goodies that they have in their possession. The easiest way to kill ghosts is to use the backward blocks to allow you to backflip over them. This will cause them to de-spawn, allowing you to grab the goodies that they hold inside. This won’t always be easy, though, and in many cases you’ll have to bait the ghosts to a set of backward blocks before you can take care of them.

When dealing with ghosts, pay careful attention to where other ghosts in the level are. Remember that hitting them as big Mario will remove your powers, making you small again. If you’re playing with another character like Toad or Yoshi, accidentally hitting a ghost while trying to take it down will lead to immediate death.

Once you have defeated a ghost, the item that they drop will sometimes stay in place, meaning you’ll need to go back and get it. This can easily be accomplished by simply running through the end of the screen, which transports you to the other side of the area in this particular case.

Now that you know how to kill ghosts in Super Mario Run, let’s make sure you’re prepared for everything else. Make sure you know how to get all the Pink Coins in the game, as this will unlock additional options for new Challenge Coins. You should also take a look at our guide on how to locate all the Purple Coins in Super Mario Run, as they are far more challenging than the Pink Coins.

Alternatively, you can return to our Super Mario Run guide, where we have a ton of other great Super Mario Run content, including a guide on how to get more Toads, and how to earn more Toad Rally Tickets so you can beat all your friends’ records in Toad Rally. Be sure to stick around the site, as we’ll dive deeper into Super Mario Run over the coming days.

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