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Super Mario Run – Crash Fix, Error 804-1200

by Josh Hawkins

Super Mario Run released on December 15 for iOS devices, and players are already starting to run into issues along the way. What’s causing all these crashes? What does Support Code 804-1200 mean, and how do you fix it? We’re going to take a look at all the big issues hitting Super Mario Run in this article, so check the fixes below for more information.

Super Mario Run Crash Fixes

Since Super Mario Run’s release, many users have reported constant crashing and error codes when they try to play the game. One reason this keeps happening, it appears, is because many users are trying to use a jailbroken iOS device. For some reason, Nintendo has made Super Mario Run unusable on jailbroken devices. This means that you’ll need to have a non-jailbroken device if you want to enjoy the fun that comes with Nintendo’s mobile game.

If you’re getting error codes like 804-1200, or really any error code between 804-0000 and 804-9999, then obviously something has gone wrong in Super Mario Run. Unfortunately, there isn’t solid information on how to fix any of these issues at the moment, so make sure you use Super Mario Run’s built-in customer support option to send them the error message.

We also noticed many users running into error codes (like the ones mentioned above) when trying to purchase the full game. This is a temporary issue that we ourselves ran into when trying to pick it up. To resolve this issue, back out of the game and close it. Then relaunch it and retry the purchase. It should notify you that something went wrong during the purchase, and that it will pick up where it left off. If you already entered your info, you’ll need to give the app permission to charge your payment method again, but it should go through.

If all else fails, tap the Having Trouble? option on the main menu in Super Mario Run and then tap Redownload Data to refresh the game’s data and make sure it is all there.

That’s all the information we currently have on crash fixes for Super Mario Run. Unfortunately, there isn’t much else to build off of, and the only real way to troubleshoot the issues is to let Nintendo know about them by using the Customer Support portal in the game. If you’re having trouble playing the game with a jailbroken device, we do apologize, but there isn’t an official way to go about fixing this issue at the current time. 

For more Super Mario Run information, head over to our Super Mario Run guide, or take a look at our Toad Rally tips for more information about Super Mario Run’s competitive mode.

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