Super Mario RPG: Can You Turn Off Autosave? – Answered

Can you turn of the QoL feature?

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Super Mario RPG is a faithful remaster of the original game, but there are some new Quality of Life features that not all fans may love. Is there a way that you can turn off Autosave, so the game plays just like it did on the SNES?

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Any time that you move into a new area, you’ll see a new feature going to work: autosave. At this point, there is no way to turn off autosave, so SNES purists may be upset by that fact. Thankfully, the manual save block is still around, so you can save your game just like in the good ol’ days, and you’ll also be glad to know that the autosave does not override any sort of manual save that you make while playing Super Mario RPG.

This means you can keep the Autosave file for an emergency, and continue to save at manual blocks whenever you encounter them. While it may be a shame that we can’t turn this feature off, it’s surprisingly unintrusive and still lets us play the game as we normally would have back in the day if we get felled in battle.

It’s unclear if there are any plans to remove the option of autosave fully in the future, but it seems unlikely since they already added in the precaution and a little joke about it at the beginning of the game. However, as mentioned above, it’s not intrusive and could save you some time in the long run if something happens between Save Blocks.

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