A Super Mario RPG screenshot of Mario, Mallow, and Geno using a triple attack.
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All Playable Characters and How to Unlock Them in Super Mario RPG

It's a Mario party! ...Kind of.

Here’s a list of all the playable characters who join your party in Super Mario RPG and how to unlock them.

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All Playable Characters in Super Mario RPG

Super Mario RPG has five playable characters. They are, in the order they join your party:

  • Mario
  • Mallow
  • Geno
  • Bowser
  • Peach

Are There any Secret Characters in Super Mario RPG?

There are no secret playable characters in Super Mario RPG. The playable characters in Super Mario RPG are the same group that was playable in the original Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars game.

There is a secret boss fight in Super Mario RPG, but it does not unlock any playable characters.

How to Unlock Super Mario RPG’s Playable Characters 

How to Unlock Mario in Super Mario RPG

A Super Mario RPG screenshot of Mario being catapulted out of Bowser's Keep.
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Start the game, and you’ve got yourself Mario.

Mario’s Ally Buffs

Mario’s Ally Buff is Action Gauge Up. You will always have this Ally Buff because Mario must always be in your party.

How to Unlock Mallow in Super Mario RPG

A Super Mario RPG screenshot of Mallow speaking to Mario.
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After speaking to the chancellor in Mushroom Kingdom castle and exiting the castle, a cutscene of Mallow chasing Croco will play. Speak to Mallow after the cutscene; he will cheer up and join your party at Level 2.

Mallow’s Ally Buffs

Mallow’s Ally Buff is Magic Attack Up.

How to Unlock Geno in Super Mario RPG

A Super Mario RPG screenshot of Geno joining the party. Geno's dialogue reads, "Call me Geno, after the doll."
Screenshot by Prima Games

After watching a cutscene in the Rose Town Inn and following Geno through Forest Maze, Geno will join you in the battle against Bowyer at Level 6. Afterwards, he joins your party for good.

Geno’s Ally Buffs

Geno’s Ally Buff is Attack Up and Speed Up.

How to Unlock Bowser in Super Mario RPG

A Super Mario RPG screenshot of Mario, Mallow, Geno, and Bowser in Booster's Tower exterior.
Screenshot by Prima Games

Bowser automatically joins your party upon entering the Booster Tower area and watching a quick cutscene. He joins at Level 8.

Bowser’s Ally Buffs

Bowser’s Ally Buff is Defense Up.

How to Unlock Peach in Super Mario RPG

A Super Mario RPG screenshot of Mario and Peach looking off-screen.
Screenshot by Prima Games

After completing Booster’s Tower, head to Merrymore. Peach joins your party in the chapel after defeating Bundt (and Raspberry). She joins at Level 9.

Peach’s Ally Buffs

Peach’s Ally Buff is Magic Defense Up.

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