Super Mario RPG: Can You Change the Game Difficulty? – Answered

Easy, Breezy, and... Normal.

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You’re given the choice between two difficulty options when starting Super Mario RPG, but can you change the game difficulty later? We have the answer, and more information on the game’s difficulty settings.

Can You Change the Game Difficulty After Starting Super Mario RPG? – Answered

Yes, you can change the game difficulty setting after starting Super Mario RPG. After beginning the game, you can change the difficulty as many times as you’d like, so long as you’re not already in a battle or speaking to an NPC.

How to Change the Game Difficulty in Super Mario RPG

To change the difficulty setting in Super Mario RPG, follow the steps below:

  • Press + to bring up the main pause menu
  • Scroll down to “System” and press A to select it
A Super Mario RPG screenshot of the main pause menu. The cursor is highlighted over "Settings" under "System."
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  • Press “A” to select “Settings”
  • Scroll down to “Select Difficulty”
  • Use the D-Pad or left control stick to change between “Normal” and “Breezy” mode
A Super Mario RPG screenshot of the Settings options, with the cursor over "Difficulty."
Screenshot by Prima Games

If you change from Breezy to Normal mode, you’ll receive a warning that reads, “You can carry fewer items in Normal mode. (Any that can’t fit in the storage box will be lost).” If you want to change from Breezy to Normal mode, select “Yes” and press A. Otherwise, select “No” and press A or press B to decline.

What Are the Differences Between Normal and Breezy Difficulty in Super Mario RPG?

Normal mode is based on the original Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars difficulty. The following table compares the differences between Normal and Breezy modes in the Super Mario RPG remake.

Normal modeBreezy mode
You can hold fewer itemsYou can hold more items
Enemies are at their standard difficultyEnemies are slightly weaker
You gain levels at the default rateYou gain levels faster
Attack Action Commands (timed button inputs) are at their standard difficultyAttack Action Commands (timed button inputs) are easier

The story remains unchanged between Normal and Breezy mode. It’s recommended to choose the difficulty based on how easy you’d like the game’s battles to be.

Whether you’re playing Normal or Breezy mode, check out our guide on which stats to increase first as you level up in Super Mario RPG.

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