Best Stats to Level Up First in Super Mario RPG – Level Guide

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An image of Mario, Peach, Mallow, Geno, and Bowser in Super Mario RPG.
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Super Mario RPG offers some minor customization through level-up stat bonuses. Here are the best stats to level up first for each character in Super Mario RPG.

Best Stats to Level Up First in Super Mario RPG

The general rule of thumb in Super Mario RPG is to keep things balanced. Some characters do lean in one direction or the other. However, FP is a highly limited resource, so your party members will mostly attack when not using their Special Moves. This makes extra physical attacks welcomed even on magically inclined characters.

After leveling up a character, you’ll have the option to increase their stats based on the following groups:

  • Pow (Physical Attack and Physical Defense)
  • HP
  • or Star (Magic Attack and Magic Defense)

The value each stat is raised isn’t the same every time, so with very little exception, it’s helpful to use these bonuses to keep characters balanced out.

Best Stats to Level Up First for Mario

Mario’s stats should be raised evenly since he will always be in your party, attacking and taking hits. It doesn’t hurt to lean towards Pow but don’t neglect HP or Star.

Best Stats to Level Up First for Mallow

Focus on Star or Magic Attack and Magic Defense for Mallow and HP. But it doesn’t hurt to pick Pow when its bonus is higher than the HP or Star bonus for when he needs to deliver a regular attack.

Best Stats to Level Up First for Geno

Geno is physically and magically strong, so he’s a great party member to raise evenly.

Best Stats to Level Up First for Bowser

Focus on Pow and HP for Bowser’s level-ups. Unfortunately, Bowser’s Special Moves aren’t the hottest, so skipping out on his Star bonuses is not a significant issue.

Best Stats to Level Up First for Peach

You should raise Peach’s stats evenly as your party’s healer, focusing on the Star bonus when it’s the highest of the three. Her best weapon, the Frying Pan, gives her 90 (physical) attack, tied with Mario’s Lazy Shell as the strongest weapon in the game. This gives her a respectable attack for when she isn’t healing up the party.

Even more impactful than stat level-up bonuses are characters’ equipment, so be sure also to check out our guide on Mario’s best build in Super Mario RPG.

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