Super Mario Odyssey – How to Use amiibo

Find out how to use your amiibo, and what they give you in Super Mario Odyssey.

Nintendo made quite a splash when they announced their amiibo lineup a few years ago, and since the first amiibo rolled into stores, the gaming giant has continued to support their lineup, expanding and adding to it with each new game release that came to their main platforms. Like any Nintendo game since then, Mario features the ability to use certain amiibo within it, and today we’ll not only show you how to use the amiibo in Super Mario Odyssey, but also go over which costumes you can expect to receive from them in-game.

How to Use amiibo

Like most Nintendo games out there now, Super Mario Odyssey features a way for players to use their amiibo to interact with the game in some fashion. For Super Mario Odyssey, this interaction comes in the form of costumes, which can be pulled from specific amiibo when they are scanned into the game.

You’ll first encounter Uncle amiibo as you progress through the story in Super Mario Odyssey. Keep in mind, that when you scan amiibo at Uncle amiibo, you’ll only be able to scan three amiibo at one time. While this limit might seem silly, we’ll go over why there is a limit in just a moment. To scan an amiibo at Uncle amiibo, approach him and then he’ll ask you to scan an amiibo. Choose the amiibo you want to scan, and then tap it against the NFC scanner on the Nintendo Switch (or on the controller that you’re using). This will scan the amiibo into the game.

Using an amiibo at Uncle amiibo will also help you find Power Moon locations. This is why you can only scan up to three at one time, as Nintendo doesn’t want people exploiting the feature to find all the Power Moons. For help with the Power Moons, check out our Power Moon locations guide, and be sure to pick up the official Prima games guide for Super Mario Odyssey to get in-depth locations of all 800 Power Moons.

amiibo Unlocks

While there are three main amiibo that you’ll be able to use with Super Mario Odyssey, players can also unlock some unique costumes for the mustache, red-cap wearing hero, and we’ll go over the different costumes that players can unlock below, as well as which amiibo you’ll need to scan to unlock them.

The first three costumes that you can acquire are all picked up from scanning the three amiibo that Nintendo released specifically for Super Mario Odyssey. These are the Wedding Mario, Wedding Peach, and Wedding Bowser outfits. Here’s what they look like:

Wedding Mario Costume

Wedding Peach Costume

Wedding Bowser Costume

Classic Mario Costume


Players can also unlock the Classic Mario Outfit from the 8-Bit Mario. You can also purchase this costume after beating the first kingdom in the game.

Luigi Costume


To unlock the Luigi costume for Mario in Super Mario Odyssey, be sure to tap your Luigi (both Super Mario and the Super Smash Bros. amiibo work here) amiibo into the game, or beat the first kingdom and purchase it.

Dr. Mario Costume


Players can unlock the Dr. Mario costume by completing the first kingdom, or by tapping the Dr. Mario amiibo into the game.

Gold/Metal Mario Costume


This special costume is available to players that tap the Gold Mario or Silver Mario amiibo from the Super Mario Bros. amiibo series into their games.

Wario Costume


You can also dress Mario up in Wario’s classic style by tapping the either of the two available Wario amiibo into the game.

Waluigi Costume


To add Waluigi’s outfit to Super Mario Odyssey, be sure to use the Waluigi amiibo and tap it into the game.

Diddy Kong Costume


Dress up Mario in classic Diddy Kong style by tapping the Diddy Kong amiibo from either the Super Mario series or the Super Smash Bros. series into the game.

That’s everything you need to know about amiibo and Super Mario Odyssey. Be sure to check out our Super Mario Odyssey guide for even more in-depth information about the game.

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