Super Mario Bros Wonder: All Power-Ups Ranked

Some are better than others.

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Power-ups have been a longstanding feature in the Mario franchise, offering players new forms and abilities. In this list, we rank the power-ups in Super Mario Bros. Wonder based on their uniqueness and helpfulness to the player.

Super Mario Bros Wonder: All Power-Ups Ranked

With many different power-ups encountered in Super Mario Bros Wonder, it can be tricky to choose which ones are ultimately the best. Luckily, we’ve done it for you.

Super Mushroom

A classic power-up, the Super Mushroom is lackluster compared to others. While it’s helpful in a pinch, transforming you into a larger version if you’re tiny, it’s generally not worth saving. If you’re small and have a stored power-up, it’s better to use it before hitting more question blocks. This can make you bigger, grant you special abilities, and increase your chances of obtaining a more impactful power-up in the future.

Fire Flower

The Fire Flower, a returning power-up, surpasses the Super Mushroom in usefulness. Collecting this flower not only changes your outfit but also grants you the ability to throw fireballs. These projectiles allow you to eliminate enemies like the Piranha Plant or Spiny, which can’t be jumped on. Additionally, it completely removes foes such as Koopas instead of merely turning them into a shell and otherwise knocking them out.

Bubble Flower

The first among the new power-ups, the Bubble Flower, is very similar to the Fire Flower. Its design is similar, with the main differences being the colors (white, purple, and pink), how they emerge from blocks, and the abilities they give. Unlike the Fire Flower, the Bubble Flower floats around in a bubble (surprise), and collecting it grants the ability to throw bubbles. These projectiles can capture and eliminate enemies. The ability to jump on the bubbles you create makes it better than the Fire Flower. This is useful for making your way to higher sections or for providing a last-minute save from a fall.

Wonder Flower

The Wonder Flower is one of the most unique additions to Super Mario Bros. Wonder. Collecting it transforms the entire map, providing access to brand-new areas, views, items, and enemies. These areas often grant you access to a new and unique form, like a Hoppycat or Goomba, for the duration of the power-up. Despite being a fun and new feature, it is not the most helpful power-up compared to others. It can’t be stored and may make the map more challenging rather than easier.

Super Star

Another returning power-up, the Super Star remains one of the most useful. Collecting it makes you invincible for a short period, instantly eliminating any enemies you touch and drawing in nearby coins. Although this is another excellent power-up, its limited use and inability to be stored make it less helpful compared to others. There are badges you can unlock that will summon coins, making the Super Star slightly less effective.

Elephant Fruit

The Elephant Fruit is a new power-up that resembles a cross between an apple and an elephant. The power-up will hop around when released from a block until collected or lost. Eating the Elephant Fruit will transform you into the Elephant Form. You can use your trunk to hit enemies in this form, providing an alternative to jumping on them. The trunk is also very strong and can break blocks from the side, giving you access to new exits or hidden areas. Furthermore, the trunk can store water, which can be thrown to cool lava blocks or grow flowers.

Drill Mushroom

The best power-up in Super Mario Bros. Wonder is the Drill Mushroom. Eating this allows you to navigate within ceilings and floors, uncovering new areas and avoiding enemies. However, the most helpful use of the Drill Form is more passive. When wearing the hat, you are protected from overhead attacks. This can be combined with the ability to hide in the ground, allowing you to pop up beneath enemies, eliminating them, and protecting you from unintentional damage.

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