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Super Mario Bros. 2 Tips and Warp Locations – NES Classic Edition

by Prima Games Staff

The NES Classic Edition is finally available, and it brings with it quite a few of our favorite old-school games and the secrets that they hide. Originally released in 1988, Super Mario Bros. 2 continued the epic tale of brothers Mario and Luigi as they tried to save their world from Bowser. Now, with the NES Classic Edition, players can hop back into the world and choose from various characters of the Mario universe and explore new elements that help make the series even stronger. In this guide, we’re going to take a look at Super Mario Bros. 2 and go over some of the coolest secrets and hidden features of the game.

How to Double Jump

Double jumping is a precarious thing in Super Mario Bros. 2, but it is something that can be accomplished. There isn’t a whole lot of use for it, but it can be helpful in some situations, depending on what you need to take care of. There are actually two methods to complete this little secret move, so take a look and give it a try next time you play.

Method 1: The first method is to make sure you have at least three of four additional lives. Then, find a nice spot and wait for an enemy to run right into you. You will lose one of your lives, but you will be able to jump in mid-air, allowing you to double jump.

Method 2: Using any character in the game, run towards an enemy at full speed and wait until you are just about to hit them to jump. If you time it correctly, you will jump over the enemy and be able to jump again mid-air, allowing you to double jump.

How to Warp to Other Worlds

Like the first Super Mario Bros., players can easily warp between levels to progress through the game much quicker. This time around, however, things are a bit trickier. See, warping in Super Mario Bros. 2 requires you to find a potion hidden in the world with the Warp Zone. Then, you must take this potion to a specific spot in the map, a vase is used to mark these areas, and then toss the potion at the vase. This will create a subspace hole that you can travel through to warp to other places.

To warp to World 4, in World 1-3 make your way to a brick building near the end of the stage’s outside area. Don’t head in the door, though. Instead, grab the nearby potion and throw it near the vase just beside the building. This will allow you to enter subspace and travel down the vase.

To warp to World 5, continue to World 3-1 and jump off the massive waterfall instead of climbing up it. If you aim for the middle of your screen, you will land on a small platform that will allow you to enter a door. There is a vase nearby, as well as a potion. Grab the potion and throw it at the vase to enter the subspace area and travel through the jar to warp to World 5.

Warping to World 6 will require you to reach World 4-2. Once you arrive, look for a vase out in the open. The potion that activates it can be found within the grass nearby. Grab the potion, throw it at the vase and then enter subspace to travel through the vase and warp over to World 6.

The final Warp location in Super Mario Bros. 2 can be found inside of World 5-3. Look for this vase on top of a tall platform that requires a high jumper like Luigi to access. You can also use an enemy to reach the platform, if you happen to have chosen a difference character. The potion for this vase can also be found nearby. Once you have it, return to the vase and throw the potion to open up a warp that will allow you to travel to World 7.

How to Get an Invincibility Star

If you want to get Star Power and blow your way through a level, you’re going to have to know about Cherries. Cherries are a collectible item of sorts in Super Mario Bros. 2. When you collect five of these special Cherries, an Invincibility Star will rise up out of the bottom of the level. You can then grab it to activate Star Power, and run your way through the rest of the level without having to worry about enemies or their attacks. This is great for those tough to complete levels where tons of enemies are bearing down on you.

Super Mario Bros. 2 is just one of the 30 games included with the NES Classic Edition. If you make use of these age-old secrets, you’ll be able to beat the game and stop Mario’s enemies without hitting any big stumps. While Super Mario Bros. 2 doesn’t offer the same amount of secrets that the original game does, it still offers plenty of ways for fans to progress through the game without much fuss. Replay the original Super Mario Bros. using all the secrets in Super Mario Bros. or head back to our NES Classic Edition guide for more tips, tricks and secrets.

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