Super Mario 3D World – Top 10 Tips

Master Nintendo’s new Wii U game with these tricks of the trade.

Super Mario 3D World is one of the coolest and most challenging games for Nintendo’s Wii U, filled with secrets and difficult levels. Fortunately, we made it the whole way through, even past the secret worlds, and have the 10 best tips to dominate this outstanding adventure.

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For more, read our free walkthrough, and go in-depth with Prima’s eGuide.

10.) Perform a Synchro Ground Pound During Multiplayer 

If everyone times their jumps just right, it’s possible to deliver a Synchro Ground Pound that unleashes a devastating shockwave that’ll destroy enemies.  As for using a Ground Pound on your own, make sure there are no friends nearby, since doing this will temporarily stun their characters if they are within range. It lasts a short time, but one second is all it takes for a Goomba to walk into a stunned hero. 

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9.) Blow into the GamePad Microphone

Doing this may reveal invisible blocks that contain gold coins and power-ups. You can also blow Mini Goombas backwards and potentially off cliffs. Just make sure you carefully clean the GamePad afterwards. 

8.) Take Secret Warp Pipes

Having trouble beating World 1 or World 4? If so, there are two secret warp pipes that’ll transport you to a different World. The first is in World 1-2, and takes you to World 2. You’ll find the second in World 4-2, and it will bring you to World 5. We’ll show you where these warp pipes are in this video

Here’s the full list of secrets in Super Mario 3D World. 

7.) Double Cherry Trick: Regroup and Change Formation by Walking into Walls

The Double Cherry automatically copies your character. In fact, we’ve had up to five Luigi’s running around. While amusing, it’s easy for these bumbling heroes to get too far apart from each other, which makes solving puzzles and platform hopping more difficult than it should be. Not to worry. Walk into a corner to create a close-knit triangle, or into a wall to make a straight line. 

6.) Dominate the Slot Machine with this Three-Second Rule 

As you progress through Super Mario 3D World, Lucky House slot machines will randomly appear. Enter one to access a bonus area where you attempt to line up four images to earn tons of coins. At first, it will seem like the odds are against you, but here’s how you can turn them in your favor. Hit one block. Let’s say you have the Double Cherry. Now walk directly underneath the next block and wait until the Double Cherry passes by. As soon as it disappears, count off “one, two, three” and then immediately hit the block. If done right, the desired image will appear. Granted, you’ll need some practice to get the timing down, but you’ll eventually get it. 

5.) Play Multiplayer to Make Levels Easier

Regardless of how you feel about Super Mario 3D World’s multiplayer, the game is much easier with another person (or three) helping out. For starters, your friends may see something you missed; a Green Star or Stamp, perhaps. Furthermore, if one player dies, the level continues. Work as a team, and you should have no trouble breezing through the toughest boards. 

4.) Know Each Character’s Special Ability 

Aside from Mario, who is balanced overall, each hero in Super Mario 3D World possesses a unique ability that proves useful in different situations. Maybe you need to complete a stage in 100 seconds or less and need the quickest character (Toad), or maybe hovering would make those death-defying jumps easier (Peach). Having trouble reaching platforms? Luigi jumps the highest. Knowing which character is best to choose makes a huge difference, especially if you don’t have a power-up handy. 

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3.) Save One Extra Power-Up 

It’s always a smart idea to have an extra power-up handy, just in case you accidentally take damage or fall into the pit. Thankfully, Nintendo lets you do just that. After collecting a second Power-Up, you’ll see it stored on the bottom left corner of the screen. Need it? Simply press the minus (-) button on the Wii U GamePad and it’ll appear within the game world. The best part? You can switch between two power-ups in case you need to light torches with fireballs (made possible with the Fire Flower), then climb a wall later using the Super Bell. 

Here’s the Super Mario 3D World power-ups and items guide

2.) Activate the Checkpoint Flag After Grabbing Green Star #2

The Checkpoint Flag prevents you from having to restart from the beginning of a level. In addition, you won’t lose previously collected Green Stars and Stamps, so long as you continue from that Checkpoint Flag. With this in mind, it’s always a good idea to first pick up Green Star #2 and even the Stamp before touching it. This will prevent you from having to repeat these actions should you die. Keep in mind you can’t necessarily do this with each level. 

1.) Get Infinite Lives

Skilled players won’t have much trouble beating the majority of levels in Super Mario 3D World, even going as far to achieve 100 percent completion. Later worlds are a whole other matter. Prepare for some of the trickiest stages in Mario history, from perilous jumps to running out of time. Suffice to say, the death toll quickly begins to rise.

Fortunately, you have two opportunities to get infinite lives, first in World 1-2: Koopa Troopa Cave, and World 5-1: Sunshine Seaside. Granted, the lives top off at 1,110, but you can always go back for more. On that note, we’ll show you how to add more 1-Ups here and here, guaranteeing that you’ll never see a Game Over screen.

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