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Street Fighter 5 – How to Earn Money

by Bryan Dawson

Fight Money is the in-game currency for Street Fighter 5. It’s important because you need Fight Money to purchase alternate costumes after you unlock them, and to buy DLC characters and other goodies in the future. At the moment the in-game store is not available, which means you should use this time to stock up on Fight Money so you can buy everything you want when the store opens in March. So let’s go over a few quick tips to help you earn Fight Money as quickly as possible.

Character Levels

As you play through Street Fighter 5, whether you’re in single player modes such as Story Mode or you’re playing online in ranked or casual matches, you’re earning experience points for the character you’re using. As you earn experience points you character levels up. Each time you level up a character you earn 1,000 in Fight Money.

When you first play Street Fighter 5, all 16 default characters start at level zero. As you increase in level it takes more and more experience points to reach the next level. However, because each character starts at level zero, it’s relatively easy to get them up to level six or seven. Playing through Story Mode and a few online matches should get you at least that far, gives you quite a bit of Fight Money with minimal effort.

Story Mode

The easiest and fastest way to earn Fight Money is by completing Story Mode with each character. In addition to the Fight Money you earn by leveling up your character, you get a bonus when you complete Story Mode for the first time with each character. If you skip all of the cut scenes even the most novice of players can clear Story Mode with one character in about 10 minutes or less. By the time you’ve completed Story Mode with all 16 characters, you should have close to 160,000 in Fight Money.

You have until March before you can spend any of your Fight Money, which is plenty of time to grind. Don’t forget to check out our article on how to unlock characters, costumes and alternate colors!

Survival Mode

While a bit more tedious than Story Mode, you can earn bonus experience points and Fight Money by playing through Survival Mode. You get the bonus the first time you complete each difficulty level in Survival Mode with a new character. This is a bit of a grind because completing every difficulty level in Survival Mode with a single character means going through 190 matches (assuming you don’t lose any). Still, this is the best way to earn more Fight Money once you’ve completed Story Mode.

Online Play

Now that you’ve completed Story Mode and Survival Mode with each character, it’s time to grind online matches. While you probably want to focus on your favorite fighters, it’s important to use every character online. Once again, you get 1,000 Fight Money each time you level up, and the higher your level, the longer it takes to reach the next level. If your favorite fighter is Ken and you’ve got him at level 40, while every other character is only at level 10, it’s much easier to level up the other characters as opposed to grinding with Ken to reach higher levels.

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