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Strange Terrain Destiny 2 Guide: How to Complete Strange Terrain Nightfall

by Ginny Woo


Staying on top of the most recent Destiny 2 content in the lead up to Shadowkeep means keeping up to date with the weekly Nightfall rotations. If you’re curious about the loot that you can get from the various Nightfall strikes, then we’ve got a guide to help with that. But if you have your eye on one thing in particular, the Braytech Osprey, then you’re going to want to check out our Strange Terrain Destiny 2 Guide for a clue on how to complete the strike for maximum efficiency.

Strange Terrain Destiny 2 Guide: Strange Terrain Walkthrough

If you have any questions about completing the Strange Terrain Destiny 2 Nightfall strike at this stage, then they’re probably about how to get the Braytech Osprey from this particular strike. If you’re not already familiar with how the weekly Nightfall works, then let’s get one thing clear: you have a chance to get the weapon from completing the strike, but just a chance. There are no guarantees, Guardian. So, if you want to up your chances of picking this cluster-bomb rocket launcher up, then you’re going to want to familiarize yourself with the strike’s mechanics. After all, you could be running it for a while. 

The Strange Terrain Destiny 2 Nightfall strike happens in the Glacial Drift. The goal is for you to take care of the Hive that have essentially taken over the innards of Mars. Once you’re on the Sparrow and you’ve started making your way downwards, you’re going to start encountering Hive enemies. You can either stop and take them out, or you can keep driving (sticking to the right like a responsible motorist), and move into a more complicated tunnel system where fighting is no longer optional.

You’re going to notice an assortment of shards hanging about. What to do with these shards, you ask? Easy: destroy them. Not so easy: you’re going to have to take out a bunch of Hive Knights to do it. These Knights drop items called relics, and you have to chuck these at the shards to destroy them. Your passage will be impeded until you do, and then it’s just a matter of pushing through enemies to reach the first toughie; Simmumah Ur-Nokru. 

Once you take down Simmumah Ur-Nokru, you will encounter an ogre that’s only stopped from ripping your throat out by the fact that it’s encased inside a barrier. However, you do have to finish it off before you can go any further. In order to take down the ogre, you have to first free it from its prison before killing it: you’ll notice that there’s shards around the room again, and as with the first time you encountered these, you have to fight knights (Ugul Gar ones this time) and use the relics that they drop to destroy the crystal. Once this has happened, the ogre will be free and you can take it down. 

Pressing on will bring you to the culmination of your efforts in Strange Terrain: the boss Nokris, Herald of Xol. Once you kill enough adds, Nokris will appear. He’s honestly not all that tough, you just have to make sure that you alternate between doing damage to him, and then focusing on the Hive adds and knights that will spawn at various health checkpoints. When Nokris is vulnerable, he will put up a shield and spawn said adds. To break his shield, you have to take down the knights (seeing a pattern here), and use their relics to destroy the two crystal shards standing between you and Nokris’ health bar. Rinse and repeat this a few times, until Nokris starts roaming the field and you have to play hacky-sack with focusing on him as well as the adds and the crystal mechanic, and soon you’ll have him down to zero in no time. 

Once you put the nail in Nokris’ coffin, that’s the end of the Strange Terrain Destiny 2 Nightfall strike. Whether or not you manage to get the Braytech Osprey from the loot chest at the end is really gonna be anyone’s guess, but a healthy dose of persistence and help from our guide should eventually do the trick.



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