Stocking Stuffers for Console Gamers (2023)

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Stocking stuffer gift guide.

While larger gifts are often easier to choose, finding smaller ones can be more challenging. In this list, we’ll cover some of the best stocking stuffers, ranging from novelty to useful items for the console lover in your life.

Best Console Gaming Related Gifts for Stocking Stuffers (2023)

Below is everything that you need to know so that you can purchase the best stocking stuffers for the console gamer in your life.

Branded Playing Cards

An officially branded deck of cards is the perfect stocking stuffer. The unique console-specific images make it an ideal option for display; however, the lightweight cards can also be shown off during their next game day. This PlayStation deck comes in a special tin and features cards decorated with the company logo with blue and white next-gen coloring.

You can find it here for $12.49.


Pins are another excellent option for both collectors and users. There are many options for console-branded pins that range from novelty to high quality.

For PlayStation fans, gift them the Heritage pin set. It includes four pins: the logo, symbols, the Heritage controller, and console. You can find it here for $28.95.


On to a more practical gift, socks are an excellent choice for both young and old console lovers. Branded console socks can help your loved one represent their favorite console while keeping their feet warm.

For the PlayStation fan, try these fuzzy PlayStation Heritage socks, which are available here for $22.95. If Xbox is more their style, try this six-pack of socks, which is available here for $24.99. Each sock has a different design with Xbox console and popular game images.

Controller Grip

Controller grips are a useful gift for all kinds of console players. These are perfect for customizing your gaming gear and improving performance. Using grips makes it easier to hold your controller, making it less likely to slip due to sweat. Many grips also make holding the controller more comfortable.

You can find controller grips for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation, and Xbox consoles here. The prices range depending on the console and type, but they typically cost between $9.99 and $13.99.


Another item that can help improve comfort and performance is thumbsticks. These come in different colors, heights, and textures. The extra height increases the range of motion, which can improve your aim because it allows for more precise movements. These extenders go on top of your existing thumbsticks, making them easy to install or change.

Kontrolfreak is one of the more well-known thumbstick extender companies. You can browse their selection of thumbsticks here. They have options for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation, and Xbox controllers, with prices starting as low as $11.99 for non-slip grips and $16.99 for performance ones.

Charging Stand

While looking at controller supplies, you should also consider getting your console fan an extra charging stand or battery pack for their controllers. This gift is sure to be used and is small enough to fit inside a stocking.

For the PlayStation fan in your life, consider this white charging stand for the PlayStation 5; it’s available here for $29.99. Usually, it’s $39.99. If Xbox is more their fancy, then try this unique Lunar shift charging stand and battery pack. It’s available here for a discounted price of $39.99. Usually, it’s $49.99.

Extra Storage

Having enough storage is something that all gamers have to take into consideration. Save your loved one from having to decide what games to delete and which to save by giving them extra storage for their preferred console.

For Xbox and PlayStation, consider a Seagate hard drive. They have a next-gen colored one for each console. The PlayStation storage is available here for $149.99, and the Xbox storage is available here for $92.49.

If your console lover prefers Nintendo Switch, you’re looking for a microSD card. You can find one here for $44.99.

Game Store Gift Card

The best stocking stuffer for your console player is a game store gift card. This will allow them to buy whatever games and add-ons they want. For these, you can choose any amount you want, typically ranging from as low as $10 and up to $100.

You can buy your PlayStation cards here, Xbox here, and Nintendo Switch here.

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