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State of Decay 2 – How to Get a Bigger Backpack

by Larryn Bell

Having enough inventory space is an important part of survival in State of Decay 2. The more resources you can gather while scavenging, the more materials you’ll have when you need them. As you venture out into the plague-infected world in State of Decay 2, you’ll soon find that your initial backpack runs out of space rather quickly. You’ll eventually want to find a large backpack so that you can collect more resources while exploring. We’ll show you how to go about finding a bigger backpack in State of Decay 2.

How to Get a Bigger Backpack

Survivors initially begin with a six-slot backpack at the start of State of Decay 2, not including the Rucksack. Having such a small backpack means you must make multiple trips back to your base to offload items, which can make inventory management a bit tedious. To increase the number of items you can carry, you will need to find a Large Backpack. 

It’s worth noting that while survivors can eventually level up to increase the amount of weight they can carry, this does not mean that they can carry more items. The quantity of item slots stays the same, but they will be able to carry heavier items without becoming encumbered and running out of stamina. If a survivor’s stamina becomes too low, they must return to the base or outpost to sleep and recover their stamina.

State of Decay 2 How to Get a Bigger Backpack

Finding a Large Backpack in State of Decay 2 requires quite a bit of scavenging. While exploring buildings and looting corpses, be sure to thoroughly search the area before you leave. Check inside lockers, crates, vehicles, and boxes for the best chances of finding a bigger backpack for your survivors. Once you find and equip a bigger backpack that has more than six slots, it will look visibly larger on the survivor as well, like a large hiking backpack. 

If you are having trouble finding a bigger backpack and need extra storage space on the go, then consider storing extra items in the trunk of nearby vehicles. Simply interact with the truck and place the items you wish to store into its inventory. Like backpacks, bigger vehicles tend to indicate more storage space as well. Storing items in vehicles is a decent workaround to help you manage your inventory while searching for a bigger backpack in State of Decay 2. 

Keep in mind that you don’t have to bring all the items you collect back to your main home base. If you have claimed any Outposts, you can stop by to place items in its Storage Locker as well. Anything stored in a Storage Locker at an Outpost becomes available to the main home base, so don’t feel obligated to lug everything back to your base if you’ve claimed an Outpost nearby.

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