Starfield: Should You Kill, Free, or Jail Musgrove?

No matter what you do, you don't get your money back

Poor Musgrove. 10 years in a corporation that never cared about him, forced to live in a shipping crate, and then shot. His life hasn’t been easy, and it’s hard not to sympathize with why he stole from his employer. But what should you do with him in Starfield? Should you free, kill, or jail Musgrove in Starfield?

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Should You Free, Jail, or Kill Musgrove in Starfield?

Hot on the trail of another Artifact, Walter’s led you to Neon. And it’s here that you’ve jumped through countless hoops to set up the negotiation room between him and Musgrove. But things quickly go south when Musgrove’s former employer, Slayton, takes back the Artifact Musgrove stole and leaves him bleeding out in an office.

A choice is then put before us. Should you free, jail, or kill Musgrove?

Before we dive in, I’d like to note that there’s a loot crate in the room’s corner. This is one of the few things you can snag in Slayton’s tower that won’t be considered stolen. Don’t forget to loot it!

Freeing Musgrove in Starfield

Depending on your companion’s personalities, you may get different results. Alejandra, for example, had no reaction beyond lecturing Musgrove as he bled out on the carpet. Slayton will note that this is a rare moment of compassion in Neon, and then release the ship from impound.

Jailing Musgrove in Starfield

If you opt to send Musgrove to jail for being a thief, your companion will likely have a reaction, depending on their predilections. Alejandro was in my party, and she “liked” that.

 Slayton will then release your ship from impound. Walter will give you 10,000 Credits and the gun Fiscal Quarter, a Rare Rifle worth 3740, which you’ll get after speaking to him on the ship.

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Killing Musgrove in Starfield

This is the least liked option by all of your companions. Almost every companion will have a negative reaction to this, and Walter will state, with disgust, that he’s going to be sick. Slayton, on the other hand, will be very happy.

You can loot 1,178 Credits, 54 1.5 LZR Cartridges, a Calibrated Solstice, a Suit with Lapel Pin, and Zipper Bandages from Musgrove’s corpse.

Slayton will then release your ship from impound. Finally, Walter will give you 10,000 Credits and the gun Fiscal Quarter, a Rare Rifle worth 3740.

Technically, this is the most profitable option, as the Calibrated Solstice is also worth 2,485 Credits.

But before you leave Neon, why not peruse the local companion options? There are quite a few to pick from.

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