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Starfield Mitch Benjamin in Cydonia
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Do you know those folks who scour the globe searching for rare works of art, like leather-bound novels and paintings? That’s you when you attempt to complete Media Sponge in Starfield.

How to Start Media Sponge

To start Media Sponge, you must speak with Mitch Benjamin in Cydonia. You can find him down in the Residential District, usually leaning against a wall by the door to the Luxe Condominiums. He’s a rather bored teenager who wants your help tracking down the science-fiction book series Dragonstar Force that he obsesses over. He’ll happily pay, too.

How to Complete Media Sponge in Starfield

To complete Media Sponge in Starfield, you will fly across the galaxy to various planets to purchase the Dragonstar Force novels that Mitch covets, and he’ll pay you exceptionally well for each round trip.

Media Sponge Quest Objectives
Speak to Mitch Benjamin
Buy the Dragonstar Force Book
Return the Book to Mitch

There are three locations where you can find these novels, and Mitch will tell you precisely where to track down each one in turn. You will visit:

  • HopeTown
  • New Homestead
  • New Atlantis

I typically spoke with a Trade Authority representative to purchase each book, with the first three novels in my quest chain coming from Hopetown.

Shockingly, there are 30 books in the series, and Mitch will pay you for every single one. Each book costs approximately 100 credits, and Mitch paid me 2400 credits per book upon return. How much you earn may vary, though, depending on your level.

This is a credit farm through and through.

Media Sponge Quest Rewards

For completing Media Sponge, you will receive the following rewards:

  • 100 XP
  • Credits (Leveled)

Technically speaking, you could also keep the Dragonstar Force Books, a rare and unique item, but they’re worthless unless you sell them to Mitch.

If you want something a little more exciting in Cydonia, we recommend tackling Freight Fright from Denis Averin at the UC Exchange.

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