Starfield: Display of Power Quest Walkthrough

The second part of the Ebbside Strikers' saga.

Starfield Hatchet of the Ebbside Strikers
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It’s time for the Ebbside Strikers to take back the seedy underground of Neon and push the Disciples back, but first, winning the hearts and minds of the people is vital. Here is how to complete Display of Power in Starfield.

How to Start Display of Power in Starfield

Once you finish The Audition, Briggs will be satisfied with the results you’ve shown and will happily welcome you into the Ebbside Strikers. He then requests you speak with Hatchet, the woman behind the counter in the far corner of the room, because she has a new side quest for you to tackle.

This time around, you’ll hack a bunch of signs and display Ebbside Strikers’ logos in place of the usual advertisements.

How to Complete Display of Power in Starfield

To complete Display of Power, you must hack three advertisement signs scattered around Neon. You can find them in Neon Core, Ebbside, and Underbelly. However, be wary. You will draw unwanted attention as you hack each one, so prep for the law to come down on your head. Or worse.

Display of Power Quest Objectives
Speak to Hatchet
Hack the First Sign
Hack the Second Sign
Hack the Third Sign
Speak to Briggs

Hatchet wants to ensure everyone understands that the Ebbside Strikers are back and here to stay, so she tasks you with hacking three signs in Neon. You will interact with the control box for each to replace the usual advertisements with the Strikers’ logos.

You can find these signs in:

  • Neon Core (Beside the Trade Tower)
  • Ebbside (On the rooftops)
  • Underbelly (By the walkway near the elevator)

It’s simple enough to switch the signs. Just walk up to the control box for each, marked on your HUD, and interact with them. In the Underbelly, a security officer confronted me about swapping the sign, but I persuaded him to leave me alone. In Ebbside, a group of three Disciples attacked. In Neon Core, nothing happened, though.

Once you finish all three signs, return to Madame Savauge’s Place in Ebbside to speak with Briggs.

Display of Power Quest Rewards

For completing Display of Power, you will receive the following rewards:

  • 75 XP
  • Credits (Leveled)

Again, it is not a challenging quest for the Ebbside Strikers. It was a little more action-packed, which was nice, though.

If you want something with a bit more story involved, we recommend tackling Dirty Laundry in the Astral Lounge.

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