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STAR WARS Battlefront – How to Win Walker Assault Mode

by Prima Games Staff

Walker Assault is probably the multiplayer mode in Star Wars Battlefront that you’re most familiar with. If you’ve seen or played the Hoth level, this is the mode featured on the frozen planet. It’s basically The Empire Strikes Back in video game form and it’s amazing if you know what you’re doing. Some players believed that the Empire always had the advantage, but once you know all of the objectives, it becomes a fairly even battle.

Rebel Objectives:

  • Activate uplinks to call in Y-wing bombing raids.
  • Once a bombing raid has begun, attack the AT-ATs.
  • Destroy every single AT-AT to win.

Empire Objectives

  • Storm uplinks to prevent them from going online.
  • Defend the AT-ATs during any Rebel bombing raids.
  • Make sure at least one AT-AT survives in order to win.

As the Rebels your primary objective should be to activate and hold as many uplinks as you can. This allows you to call in Y-wing bombing runs. Ignore the AT-ATs unless you have a bombing raid coming. This is the only time AT-ATs can be damaged. If there’s no bombing run happening, don’t even bother attempting to damage the AT-ATs because it’s not possible, just focus on the uplink stations. There are two uplink stations and the longer you hold them the more Y-wings are called, and the more vulnerable the AT-ATs become.

For the Empire, you need to engage any uplink station the Rebels are going for. If you can stop the Rebels from activating uplink stations, or shut them down once active, they can’t damage your AT-ATs and it’s an easy win. If the Rebels do manage to call in a few bombing raids, be sure to patrol the perimeter so the Rebels don’t have a chance to ambush the AT-ATs when they become vulnerable. Protect the AT-ATs at all costs during a bombing run so they can continue moving toward the Rebel base.

Snowspeeders and Landspeeders prove to be the biggest threat to AT-ATs because they can use tow cables to bring them down during bombing runs. It takes several loops for them to go around, which is an advantage for the Empire if you’re paying attention.

On the Rebel side, you want to work to destroy any aerial vehicles or turrets that could pose a threat to the speeders. On the Empire side, focus your fire on the Snowspeeders and Landspeeders so you can destroy them as quickly as possible. Just because the Rebels call in a bombing raider does not mean it’s guaranteed damage against the AT-ATs. The Empire can still defend and even take out Rebel speeders, so as the Rebels, get in your speeders before the attack on the AT-ATs begins so you can get into position and start the tow cable process as soon as possible.

Don’t worry about any troops that are coming from the deployment area, as it will take them a considerable amount of time to do much damage against incoming enemies. Instead, focus on the Rebels that are in the area to charge the uplinks, and attack any groups that are coming from the sides. That doesn’t mean incoming soldiers are useless, however, as they can still do damage to Stormtroopers near their end.

Finally, time is extremely important on both sides because the match only lasts so long. For the Rebels the more time you have uplinks active the higher your chances are to take down AT-ATs. Use smoke grenades to buy as much time as possible, and sometimes it may even be best to run in alone if you can score a few seconds with an activate uplink. Meanwhile, the longer the Empire can keep the uplinks down, the less time the Rebels have to stop the AT-ATs. In addition, when taking on an AT-ST as the Rebel Alliance, remember that it’s vulnerable from behind. Shooting it up front will do less damage – and make you a sitting duck for their gunfire.

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