Star Wars Battlefront – How to Win Droid Run

We’ve got the tips you need to capture and hold all three droids in Droid Run.
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The Droid Run multiplayer mode in Star Wars Battlefront features three droids that must be captured by your team in order to win the match. It employs some unique tactics that you won’t find in the other multiplayer modes simply because you have to hold all three droids simultaneously to score the win. That’s no easy task, especially if your team isn’t coordinated properly.

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  • Activate a droid to start the capture process.
  • Defend the droid until the capture process is complete.
  • Capture all three droids at the same time to win the match.

Like Drop Zone, the main goal of this game is to activate and protect moving targets, in this case droids. You’ll have to keep them safe, or else enemies can swoop in and take control of them. The team that can claim all three droids at once wins the match. If time expires before that, the team with the most claimed droids will win.

The droids are setup a good distance from one another on the map, and will roam a little bit within their given region. Once you’ve learned the patterns of the droids you’ll find that there are times when they roam into areas that offer more cover than the rest of their patrol. This is the best time to attempt to capture a droid as you’ll have the most cover from the enemy.

Stick with your droids as closely as possible, but also watch out for where they’re going, as enemies can try to set up an ambush depending on their route. Also, keep in mind that the final droid in the match could mean a win for your team, so if you think the enemy isn’t going to try and go after the other ones, keep an eye on that vital one so you can guarantee a win. If you get killed, you’ll likely regenerate near another friendly droid anyway.

The Jump Pack gives you strong movement on the map, as you can easily stray from your droid and get back to it at a rapid pace. You can also set yourself up for attacking enemies from a distance, should they be closing in on the droid you’re trying to claim. You can’t move directly from one droid to another, but it takes you quite a distance very quickly. In addition, you can use the Jump Pack to scout the map to determine where the enemies are and what their current objective is, then relay the information back to your team.

Finally, if enemies do take control of a droid, hope isn’t lost, as you easily have the ability to regain it back. Just make sure you have your team in play, and don’t get too greedy. There are other droids, but going after one solo is basically a suicide play. The only exception is if you already have two droids under your team’s control and you suspect the enemy is focusing on one of the other droids. In this rare instance you may be able to sneak in and claim the final droid to win the match.

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