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Star Wars Battlefront – How to Win Blast Mode

by Prima Games Staff

If Fighter Squadron is close to a more typical team death match, Blast in Star Wars Battlefront is exactly that. There are no objectives obscuring the battlefield, just your team against the opposing team in an all out slug fest (with guns). The first team to reach 100 points wins, and if time runs out, the team with the most kills takes the crown.


  • Kill enemy soldiers.

Blast is one of the simpler modes in the game. Your job is to simply defeat the enemy to build up the highest score. The team that gets the most kills, or the first team to 100 kills wins the match.

The partner system is very important in this multiplayer mode. When it comes to battling foes, try to stick with a teammate as much as possible, so you can cover each other’s backs and mow down any foes that mange to get in your way. If your partner goes down, quickly take and try to hold your position or retreat to safety. If you’re the one who gets kills, deploy on your partner so you can rejoin the fight in the same position you were at previously.

Your weapon choice greatly depends on the map you’re playing on. The Imperial Station on Endor or the Rebel Base on Hoth call for short-range weapons, while the Jawa Refuge or the Sulphur Fields require more of a long-range weapon for effectiveness. Choose your loadout wisely, depending on which map you’re taking on.

Here’s a quick breakdown of the guns in the game so you can determine which one has the best stats for the map of choice.

Gun Rank Available Damage Rate of Fire Range Cooling Power Unlock Price Type
A280C 8 6 6 7 5 1,550 Blaster Rifle
CA-87 8 10 1 1 1 1,550 Shock Blaster
DH-17 3 5 7 6 7 550 Blaster Pistol
DL-44 25 9 4 5 3 2,500 Blaster Pistol
DLT-19 3 3 9 6 9 550 Heavy Blaster
E-11 8 7 5 7 4 1,550 Blaster Rifle
EE-3 17 6 8 8 6 2,500 Blaster Rifle
RT-97C 5 4 9 7 9 1,250 Heavy Blaster
SE-14C 14 5 9 4 8 2,500 Blaster Pistol
T-21 10 9 2 7 3 2,500 Heavy Blaster
T-21B 21 8 2 10 2 2,500 Targeting Rifle

Having a blaster is key, but make sure you have some good Star Cards on deck as well, like the Explosive Shot Charged Star Card, which is great for clearing out enemies. The Jump Pack and Personal Shield are also recommended. Finally, make sure to use cover – running out in the open too often will leave you like a sitting duck.

For the most part you can employ standard FPS tactics that should vary primarily based on the map. There aren’t a lot of tricks or Battlefront specific advice for this multiplayer mode, so just take aim and fire. Don’t get too heroic if you’re by yourself, as every kill counts, especially if you’re behind in score.

If you’re playing one of the multiplayer modes that requires a bit more finesse, such as Drop Zone or Walker Assault, be sure to head over to our Star Wars Battlefront game hub for more tips and advice!

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